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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Sorry now, Apr 18, 2000.

  1. Sorry now

    Sorry now Guest

    Has anyone else gotten their Silver Preferred card in the mail and then received a letter that they were actually approved for the regular CCB card and the Silver Card was sent by mistake? I discovered this web site too late to stop the card. Anyone even have the Silver Preferred Card?
  2. Len

    Len Guest

    My problems with Cross Country began shortly after I received the Silver Card, when I'd been with Cross Country nearly two years, still defended them, and actually believed only "deadbeats" and "losers" ever had trouble with Cross Country.
    I learned the hard way to believe what so many were saying about Cross Country and was an utter, self-righteous fool until they finally cheated me out of hundreds of dollars.
  3. BOB

    BOB Guest

    Same thing here, as soon as my wife got her silver preferred, all kinds of fees started rolling in, it was a nightmare, i also wish we had none about this board before hand, but at least everyone that posts or reads here will know what CCB stands for:
    WHAT A REAL SCREWING OVER IS ABOUT. Their Customer Service people are dumb as a box of rock, rude, obnoxious, but mainly unethical
    with no morols, they have to gualify as moron
    before there allowed to be CS REPS>
  4. FISH

    FISH Guest

    I've NEVER had a problem with Cross Country, always raising the limit and now Silver Card and the Customer rep's that I have called have always been nice. There are always going to be some that are not good dealing with, but my experience has been great
  5. Len

    Len Guest

    You have the Cross Country Silver now? Congratulations! That's when my trouble began. It took Cross Country almost two years before they revealed their true colors to me and their nightmare world of deception, lies, and fraud became part of my daily existence.
    I remember posting a "NEVER had a problem with Cross Country" message years ago on this board. Must have been one of my first posts. I couldn't understand what all the Cross Country complaints were about.
    It took a while, but I learned. Big Time.
  6. Don

    Don Well-Known Member

    Hang on...they'll get to you...depending on what method they use (alphabetical list or lottery drawing system), your name will come up...

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