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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by KT, Apr 18, 2000.

  1. KT

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    Wow! I do not know if I should be happy or mortified to know that we are not the only ones with CCB problems! My husband has a card with them and it was bogus right from the beginning. From being told we had "x" as a credit limit, then not getting that amount, but a lesser amount and then after the "fee", you are left asking - "What line of credit?" We have been charged "over the limit" fees when we obviously never went over the limit, but mysterious "cash advances" appeared on our statement in amounts which put us over the limit!!!

    Our goal is to pay off CCB and never let their name cross our lips again.

    We are coming off a bad credit stint and bankruptcy, although we are always on time with our payments and my husband's, credit accounts are all in good standing, I fear a future with this bank.
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Wow, I am so glad to hear I'm not the only one being hunted down by the goons at CCB. They just called me again for the 5th time in the past 10 days at work. I asked the "agent" not to call me at work anymore. They won't leave me alone and keep putting words in my mouth. Ok, I AM behind on my payments, but I sent one out today. Then they asked when I would be sending the next one out. After harassing me for a while, I promised a payment on May 11. The agent then immediately wanted to postdate a check for that date. When I refused, he asked me why I didn't want to pay what I owed them. At that point I told him he was putting words in my mouth and started laughing out loud. I then told him I could be reached at home this evening and wouldn't talk to him at work anymore. He said they were going to keep calling me anyway. I was going to fax a written request for them not to call me anymore, but can't find a fax number. I guess I'll mail it in. Additionally, he said if I do an automatic bill pay through my bank on line, it would take longer than if they get my authorization to bill my checking account, which doesn't make sense. He said it would take up to 10 days to process an on-line payment, which is bull. They would have the money the next day, I believe. It's yet one more excuse to bill me a late payment. Thanks for all the messages! I don't feel so "low" now!
  3. Cindy

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    i to am like all you guys. but i have done ALOT of research and have since talked to the N.Y.State Attorney's office and to my personnal attorney.they took money out of my checking acct. with a made up check # and no confirmation #.that is theft. i closed my checking acct. and have a new one. do not give them a check by phone do it by money order.they can say all they want to you but dont forget one thing they are only workers like you and pay the phone bill at your home ,there is no law anywhere saying you have to talk to them nor tell them personnal things about yourselves 24/7.tell them youll start mailing arrangments to them by the United States Postal Service thats what we have it for. the more you start letting these people continue the more they will do it.and for some peoples trw this is only one company, alot of banks ect.look at your whole credit report and you can sometimes tell the lender about what is going on with ccb.i come from a big family and sundays are our special day. they used to love calling me until i started playing with them now they have stopped and i mail them everthing even if im late or not.certified letters to both companys delaware and florida.there the ones who are stressed out because no one does what they want ,and you dont have to.
  4. Len

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    I'm thankful I never got behind in my payments to Cross Country. They treated me badly enough as it was.
    One thing that should be made clear is that you should never give Cross Country access to your checking account! They will take what they want whenever they wish and that money may never be properly credited to your Cross Country account. You will never get it back and Cross Country can mess up your finances royally if you let them in your checking.
    I made this mistake, lost $120, and had to close my checking account due to continuing Cross Country theft and incompetence.
  5. Don

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    DO NOT allow them access to your checking's one of their favorite methods to gather a few extra $$ here and there...what they are telling you about your bank is due to the fact that they can't play their lost payment game with a big bank breathing down their back...

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