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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Mark E., May 26, 2000.

  1. Mark E.

    Mark E. Guest

    I've had a Cross Country Visa for 1 year and for the third month in a row I have been charged a $27 late fee. From the dates on the checks it appears two of them were cashed 6 days before the due date and not posted to my Cross Country account until 7 and 9 days after the due date. My most recent payment was mailed 3 days before I received a statement, so I can't understand why it hasn't posted yet, nearly 10 days past the due date!

    This is incredible! In the last year I've had these 3 late postings and 2 payments that Cross Country Bank says they never received, totaling $135.00 in late fees. Customer service seems to have no interest in anything but being rude and making threats about "destroying" my credit. I have sent proof of payment for 2 incidents, but one representative has said "that doesn't prove anything."

    I have made honest efforts to pay on time and to rebuild my credit for nearly 5 years. I'm very concerned about what Cross Country Bank is doing and am now reading all the many terrible experiences others have had. Most frightening is how similar these awful stories are to what I'm going through now.

    Any suggestions as how to deal with Cross Country Bank? I am very worried about the unjustified fees, one after another, and upset about being treated like garbage by a customer service department that will do nothing to resolve this mess.
  2. Alex - Cre

    Alex - Cre Guest

    I'm really sorry to hear about your situation, which unfortunately is not unusual at all with these thieves, a few weeks ago a gentleman posted a similar message where he stated that the only thing that worked for him is to write them a letter theatening a lawsuit, and after 5 months of trying he finally received a refund, there is a lot of information on Cross Country bank on this board, ALL of it negative of course, use the "search" feature on this site and you will find dozens of messages that may be of help.

    Also you might find this site useful:
    It's a Complaint Station For Cross Country Bank.
    Good luck to you!


    Bad Credit? No Credit? Let Us Help!
  3. J. Edgar

    J. Edgar Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately CCB has even worse customer service than America Online. Really the only way to deal with these despicable cretins is to document everything and then file a complaint with the FTC, FDIC, Delaware Banking Commission, Office of Thrift Supervision and anyone else you can think of. In addition, threatening them with legal action and lots of public exposure seem to help.

    It may be frustrating and irritating, but it's the best approach. Constantly bombard them with dispute letters for every fee and error that they make. You have the cancelled checks which clearly show the deposit of your check prior to the due date of the payment. This should be more than sufficient for a court of law.

    In addition, I would also keep my eyes open for any lawyer who has expressed some enthusiasm in filing a class action lawsuit against them.
  4. Steven Z

    Steven Z Guest

    Mark, I am not exaggerating when I say you are on the precipe of doom and just at the start of a never ending nightmare.

    But take heart I will try to describe to you how to escape the fate that has befallen so many others.

    1. First things first, hire a lawyer (don't even think of a class action suit at this point you can always join up with one later). If you think its too expensive, think again!, your already $135 in the hole and thats just the beginning and thats not taking into consideration the imminent rise in your rates due to their fraudulent actions. Simply put its a hell of alot cheaper but financially and especially emotionally in the long run.

    2. You must I repeat you MUST close this account at 'all costs' as quickly as possible, if you can transfer to other cards do so, if not borrow, plead, do anything to get the money to pay off this card.


    A. If you were able to transfer the amount to another card than you can go on to #5.

    B. You have the cash to pay off the account go on to #4

    If you can do neither than proceed to the lawsuit immediately - its your only hope to stop the madness.

    4. You have the money to pay them off but your justifybly worried that these CROOKS will STEAL the money once again. I wouldn't even trust a certified letter or a courier rather go straight to your bank and speak with a manager tell him/her you are dealing with a crooked organisation and want to guarantee this payment goes through by wiring it directly from the bank with a signed statement from a bank official that he has personally witnessed this payment go through and be acknowledged by Crooks Country Bank. I doubt even the crooks at CCB would be that insane enough to try anything funny and have the bank and its lawyers came down on their head, besides it has been a demonstrated fact that this small-time bully ALWAYS backs down to a bigger company.

    An addendum make sure you send money in addition to whats on the statement

    1. Because the CCB card has no grace period and interest in continously accruing

    2. By placing your account in a credit surplus you will be able to demand they close your account and refund your money within 7 days "quote the approriate laws and regulations"

    5. Having either transfered or paid off the account you are now ready to close it.

    Cut up the hellcard into two pieces and send it back with a letter on the lawfirms' letterhead that henceforth immediately you are closing this account and wish to have it noted on your credit file as "closed by consumer" send this certified. Furthermore, have it noted in your letter that your are sending a copy of this letter to all the government agencies J. Edgar mentioned as well as to the 3 CRA's.

    Hell you might as well get it notorized for good measure and well worth the small investment for the type of penalty and fine a judge would invoke if they attempt their typical "stalling until they can nail you with 50 cents none use fees, late fees on top of that and of course the yearly fee"

    6. Unless some kind of miracle happens and CCB sends you an apology with all the money they stole from you as well as the interest lost from the theft as well as from the increased interest rate, as well as acknowledging that your account is closed AND guarantees not to send any further statements with phony fees (they haven't screwed you this way so far) then your off to the court.

    The great thing about suing Cross Country Bank outside of the guaranteed victory is that all harassing calls, threats, phony fees, lost payments, late posting 'magically' stop.

    Oh by the way, just for your information that threat about "destroying your credit" is not an idle one they do this as a matter of course and no attempt to 'work things out' or 'reach a settlement' will do any good, unless you sue them.

    Mark, I repeat again, you have to get out NOW, things WILL only get worse MUCH WORSE as those thousands have nightmarish postings have conclusively demonstrated.
  5. Len

    Len Guest

    Great advice, Steven! Three things seem especially important from my own miserable experience with Cross Country:
    First - Do not pay by phone. This gives Cross Country access to your checking account, access which they abuse. I had $89 disappear from my account, weeks after making a phone payment and without permission. The money was never credited to my Cross Country account and I was forced to close my checking account to prevent further theft.

    Second - Never waste money and time calling Cross Country. This is absolutely pointless. Letters are a bit better as they are less frustrating than dealing with uneducated, crass, and moronic goons in labyrinth telephone conversations that drive normal folks to distraction. And keep records and documentation.

    Lastly, and most crucial - Get Out Now! You've already been taken for enough. Why let Cross Country continue to steal, scam, and defraud you? Follow Steven Z's directions and don't remain a target of Cross Country abuse. Closing your account may cost you more money, and Cross Country will probably cheat you out of even more fees, but it will save you in the long run.

    Also, contact an attorney. I didn't and regret it. You may need legal help in dealing with the kind of scum Cross Country is and it will be worth the expense to have an expert protect you from Cross Country's abuse, extortion, threats, and continuing fraud.
    Good luck. I hope this works out and that Cross Country is soon just a very bad memory for you.
  6. BOB

    BOB Guest

    Mark, All the information, Alex,J.Edgar,
    Steven, and Len gave you is the best information you will ever receive about
    CROOKS COUNTRY BANK, Also if and when you sue them, work out a deal with your lawyer
    to put his fees in the suit. This will help you get even with these CROOKS. Also if they contact you concerning settlement before you go to court, tell them to contact your attorney, that he is in charge of the suit.
    They will try to sweet talk you into dropping the suit if they refund everything.
    They know you have them by their ying yang
    and will try to keep from paying lawyers fees. Don't fall for it.
  7. Don

    Don Well-Known Member

    All of the info in these replies is great...and all may also find that copying governing entities, such as the DE Bank Commission, FDIC, and your State AG in any correspondence is a real help...

    Also, visit for more hints on how to beat the fools...
  8. jshimmer

    jshimmer Well-Known Member

    Tell you what. I must be lucky. For the first time in 3+ years, I mailed my payment in later than I normally do. It was due on the 5th, and I mailed it on the 3rd. It was posted on the 9th, four days late.

    Low and behold, I received my next statement and there was NOT a late payment fee accessed. I'm not bitchin ... :)
  9. BOB

    BOB Guest

    DAMN, I wish I had your luck jshimmer, If that had of been me I would have been hit with a late charge, and an overlimit fee
    even if my balance was way under my limit.
    Be sure and look at your next statement
    closely these crooks have been known to apply fees later than most others.
    Keep your fingers crossed.
  10. Kathy

    Kathy Guest

    I have contacted Visa International direct, who is interested in hearing complaints of our nature. The address is: Visa International
    P.O. Box 649
    Owings Mills, Md 21117-0649

    The more people who complain directly to Visa, the better the chance of shutting Cross Country down!
  11. BOB

    BOB Guest

  12. Jennifer

    Jennifer Guest

    Well, I've read everyones complaints here about CCB. My story is very similar, but I AM GOING TO TAKE ACTION WITH AN ATTORNEY! To make a long story short, I reache an agreement with CCB early last year about payments with a credit counsel group, payment amounts CCB agreed to mind you. Well, in approx 8 months and making payments all the while, I racked up over $500 in fees!! My balance was higher than when I started! Enough is enough. My credit is flawless now with the exception of my battle with these guys. I even offerd to pay them off immediately in full if they waived those excessive fees. Naturally, they told me to take a flying leap! So, wish me luck!

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