CSC reinsertions, split file, etc.

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by bumpy9000, Sep 24, 2003.

  1. bumpy9000

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    I have a major issue with CSC. They split my file because of the daily PG pulls. They have reinserted three negative tradelines without the 5 day notice. They consistently reinsert incorrect addresses. I tried to get a hold of Vicki Banks at Equifax and her only reply is that she can't help me bacause CSC "owns" my file. CSC has said there is nothing they can do about the split file and if I continue to pull PG, I will have three files. I told them that it is not 100% accurate if a credit agency received my file and only gets one file with the wrong FICO. They said there is nothing they can do. The three reinserted items were put back in as closed with a zero balance and lost or stolen cards. I think it's time for ITS or just do it. Any opinions, suggestions or thoughts. Thanks
  2. jlynn

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    ITS gets their attention.

    If your in TX, their agent of service here is:

    CT Corporation Systems
    1021 Main St.
    Ste. 1150
    Houston, TX 77002
  3. bumpy9000

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    Thanks Jlynn. I am not in Texas, unfortunately, so I will look for their registered agent in my state. Anybody else have this problem with CSC.

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