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    On March 15th of this year I sent a dispute
    letter to all three CRA's concerning two judgments that were on my report. They showed unpaid, they were paid 4 years ago.
    One of them is my husbands from a hospital.
    2 of the CRA's had no problem verifying
    these. On the 15th of may I sent a letter
    to the third one stating they have had aprox. 60 days to verify the disputes.
    Today I get a letter from CSC dated May 17th
    stating THIS PUBLIC RECORD ITEM HAS NOT BEEN RECORDED AS SATISFIED/RELEASED AT THE COURTHOUSE. How can 2 of them verify it paid and 1 not, they had 60 days to work with this and this is their response. What should I do? In the letter on the 15th of may I asked that these items be removed since it was well past the 30 day time period.
    Any help would be appreciated. I got a complete CR with the letter and there are
    3 other item I need to dispute. This is really confusing, and aggrivating.
  2. Terry

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    Loks like two of them checked with the creditor while one checked with the court.

    I sugggest that you contact the attorney for the creditor or the creditor and tell them to record the satisfaction with the court if it has been paid in full or, if you can prove that it has been paid in full and no satisfaction filed, sue the creditor in small claims court but you may have to show damages unless the local statutes award a specific amount.
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    There is even another possibility. There are 3rd party businesses that collect courthouse records and then re-sell that information to CRA's. They are not the most fastidious companies, as you might imagine, and it could well be that your problem CRA is just parrotting the (erroneous) information received from the 3rd party.

    So, you need to find out what the SOURCE of the CRA's "verification" is. IF they say they checked the corthouse directly, then that will be easy to fix: Go there and get a notarized copy of the release and send it to them. If they used a 3rd party, find out who it is and do the same for those birds. After they have fixed their records, have them update the CRA.

    One place to check for public records on yourself is through KnowX

    I think they used to charge $7.50 for a search.
  4. bg

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    Thanks Terry and Mo, your info is very helpful.

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