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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by maxx, Aug 24, 2003.

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    I have a question for some expert in filing a suit.

    I purchased a pre-owned lexus yesterday. I was told when I went to sign the papers that I did not qualify for their advertised 1.9% financing due to my beacon score; must be over 700. There are only 2 negative items on my account and my income is over $100K with almost no debt. I found out about the items 2 weeks ago and have disputed them. The items are: 1)PECO utility in Phila. 90+ days late due to their billing system and a defective gas meter that was removed; never went into collection 2) Ocewn FSB because they increased my escrow account and pmt by $200 per month to cover 5 years of trash pick the city of Atlanta forgot to bill. Showing slow pay. The city of Atlanta has no money and is trying anything to raise revenue.

    The difference between the interest rate that I got (12%) and the advertised (1.9%) over the life of the loan is over $6,000 over 5 years. Can this $6K be considered damages. If so in the state of GA should I go to small claim court or superior court. Should I write them a letter letting them know I plan to sue if they dont correct their error or just file suit. I am stuck with this rate so I have to refinance when this is resolved.

    It is frustrating to be pushed around by the system.
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    It is frustrating to be pushed around by the system.
    It's not a system it's a con game/
    THE END ** *** ** LB 59

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