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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Cadillac408, Sep 22, 2000.

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    O.k. now I'm HOT!

    I just got home and I have 2 letters from this collection agency. Keep in mind that this is the last hurdle that I left before I've completely cleaned up my credit. I called the company 2 months ago to see what was going on. They claim that I wrote 3 checks total (but only 2 are reported to the credit bureaus) to Safeway that were bad. I explained to them that at the time the account was joint and that I wanted to see copies of the checks before I would pay them (I'm positive that my ex wrote the checks). They asked me who the joint account holder was and I told them and they stated that he had 2 accounts w/ them also. Anyways...I waited a month and they never sent the copies, so I called to follow up. Then I disputed this w/ Equifax as "not mine". Today I get two letters in the mail (for each account) stating that "my name was identified by the credit bureau as matching this collection information". Then it goes to list the credit bureaus info on me on the left and the collection agency's info on me on the right, comparing the two. Then it states that "according to the credit brueau, your credit history matches our collection information. We did not match your account, the credit bureau did. We are required by federal law......blah blah blah."

    So now I'm assuming that this is going to go back to the credit bureau as verified.

    What should I do? I'm almost positive that I didn't write these checks. The total amount for both accounts due is about $220. Should I just try to pay Safeway directly (it's been 3 years in Nov.) and the re-dispute and go that route? Should I just pay them the money and get them off my back (their not on my back really, they never call or send letters at all)? I have come so far to clean up my credit and this is the final thing. I just want it over with.

    Also, I don't get this "disputes coming back verified" thing. They didn't provide Equifax w/ copies of checks w/ my signature on it so how are they verifying anything? All they know is that they have the same info on me that's on file w/ Equifax. Big F'n deal!

    So, since it's been 3 years, what if Safeway doesn't have copies of the checks? Then what? Am I stuck? If that's the case then you better believe I'm going to go off on someone before I give them their money!!! At least I'll feel better.

    Wow.....what an ending to my happy Friday! :-(
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    RE: DAMN Collection Agency :-|

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    RE: DAMN Collection Agency :-|

    That's fine...keep in mind that I'll have to take it outta my ex's ass!!!!!!!!

    <can I say ass here? Oops....>
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    RE: DAMN Collection Agency :-|

    Can I ask a question...why did you deal with collection agency?...why not deal with Safeway?
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    RE: DAMN Collection Agency :-|

    First of all, I'm not an expert on this, but I do pay attention to what I read on this board.

    There are various reasons for disputing derogatory items: account not mine, never late, account paid, etc. Apparently Equifax treated this as an "account not mine" dispute, but without realizing that it was the debt, not the identification number, that was not yours.

    But if your husband wrote the checks, not you, then maybe the issue to pursue would be a "never late" or "no debt" approach. Simply tell them that you never owed any debt at all. Then maybe Safeway or the collection agency would try to find copies of the checks, or some other evidence.

    Then again, maybe they wouldn't. The process of verification is often as simple as the creditor taking the trouble to say, "yes, this person owes us this debt, and all the information is accurate." I don't know if any proof is actually required by law. Fairness would require evidence, and many creditors are fair, but others will go no further than the law requires.

    I hope I've stimulated your thinking, even if I can't offer any firm advice. Please don't give up yet.
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    I've learned alot.....

    over these past few months by reading these boards <thanks guys!>. I did not know that I could bypass the collection agency and deal straight w/ Safeway. I fould this out after I had already contacted them to see what was going on and request copies of the checks. This has been going on almost 3 months. I contacted them in the beginning of July. Then again in the beginning of August. Then I disputed w/ the credit bureaus this month. I think I have a plan. I guess I'll contact the Safeway in question and speak to someone about it and see if I can hopefully pay them directly (assuming that they are my checks). If they show me proof that the checks are not mine, then I'll demand that they contact the agency and have my name deleted!

    I'm not sure if this tactic will even work w/ Safeway but it's worth a try. After I learded it, I tried it w/ Cellular One and another collection agency and Cell One refused my money........period! Then they referred me to the collection agency. Same with Target...wouldn't take my money and referred me to the collection agency. Oh well....
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    RE: DAMN Collection Agency :-|

    You may have several options, it depends on how far you want to take this.

    Yes you do have a right to request proof that this debt is yours. You may want to advise them that it is illegal to knowingly report inaccurate information to a credit bureau and if they are not able to provide physical proof that this debt belongs to you, you want it removed.

    You can contact the bank and ask for a copy of the check. They may be required by law to keep records for a certain length of time. It should be on micofilm.

    You can try to negotiate a reduced settlement with the collection agency. You can tell them that you honestly don't believe this is your debt but since you are trying to clear your credit you would be willing to settle this for a reduced amount and removal of this from your credit.

    You can refuse to pay and write a letter of explanation to the credit bureau and advise them that you dispute the debt and since you are unable to resolve this you want your explanation listed on your credit report.

    You can contact Safeway's corporate legal department and advise them that you want proof that you incurred this debt and if it is not provided you want this removed from your credit.
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    RE: DAMN Collection Agency :-|

    Contact your bank. They should be able to get a copy of the check. You need to get this taken care of 'cause it reports to scan/telecheck and you will not be able to write another check until this gets resolved. Also, you might want to keep in mind that this will report on your credit report...namely TansUnion..they're notorious for this kind of stuff, for 7 years. I bounced a check 10 years ago and it stayed on my file for 7 years.

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