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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by sam, Nov 15, 2000.

  1. sam

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    Keep this in mind.

    no matter how many good lines you have, all it takes is one collection, or one charge off, and your credit is still considered bad by "prime" :) lenders. okay maybe not citibank AA, but most others.

    You can add a million lines to your file, but the black mark that you got, will HAUNT you, until it is gone.

    This is absolutely not the way to get your credit file FICO score better. It will remain tainted as long as that item is still there.

    Spend your money on junum or whoever if you think you need to throw money somewhere, they actually may help by a fluke or something. (im not endorsing junum).

    If i'm wrong about this, please inform me. I'm working the same story as many others here.
  2. roni

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    You seem to have all the answe

    You seem to have all the answers. Why would you need advice? I mean like all 'real' banks consider our credit bad...according to you. What else is their to say? And all of us who pay Junum are just 'throwing' our money away. You are certainly smarter than all of us. Item's only get deleted by a fluke...according to you. I mean for myself, I 'fluked' about 17 negatives from Experian, 3 negatives from equifax and 11 from transunion. But flukes never really happen in reality. I mean before I did this I could not get a providian card. Afterwards...well we all know that story. Why would anyone benefit from a positive post from you Sam? I agree that paying someone to add positives to your credit report is down right retarded. But I just love the way you put everyone down with your post. You also manage to put yourself down also, which is a nice touch. Hey Sam, I thought you said the prime/subprime bank issue was squashed. I was really counting on that. But it appears to me the subject really eats at your core. You somehow have brought that issue to the board again. I am certainly not up for a rematch.

    I hope no one really believed your statement that they bad marks will haunt you forever or until they fall off. I thought that way about 12 months ago. I thought I was stuck with $500 credit limit cards for 7 years because I had read that on other message boards. This was the only board around that gave me positive feedback and gave me the nerve to apply to banks like Citibank and Chase. Well, I have all the credit that a single woman with my income needs. I dont need AMEX. That is probably the reason that I dont have one. That is how I look at it. Oh, yeh, I always forget about my Optima. Mil went through great lenghts to get secured loans to add positives. And while adding positives the way DAvid suggest is wrong and we all know that, adding positives is a must in improving your credit situation. I dont even understand why you say it doesnot, if you have been paying attention to anything that you read on this board. Oh, I forgot, you are the genius. And you know more than all of us. But nonetheless, working on your credit does help. It wont fix itself. And the credit bureau will not do it for you. I wish everyone here the best of luck at this. I hope everyone reaches the highest score and cleanest report possible when all is said and done.

  3. Kevin

    Kevin Guest

    RE: You seem to have all the a

    I hope you reach your highest score and cleanest report possible also. Thank You!
  4. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    RE: You seem to have all the a

    Dude i'm not trying to dis anybody, except for the people that are selling the "Add credit to make your report better".

    You take my opinion entirely wrong. i'm not going to argue with you roni. thats a waste of space.

    I didn't dis junum either, i use it.

    What I said about them is, the marks on your report, if you made them, are rightfully there for a reason, and if you're lucky and I hope you are, they will fall off with such ways of removal..

    My point of the whole message was "Adding credit lines doesn't make the bad credit go away", hoping that peeps will understand that this guy and others are scamming folks.

    (btw i signed up for junum too, even though i probably could work it by hand like others have, out of Pure convenience). I don't expect everything to magically go away, because I may have done things to damage my credit, and understand the price i am to pay for making those mistakes).

  5. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    RE: You seem to have all the a

    You try in encite controversy. You make statements and then try to say you werenot try to 'dis anyone. I should just ignore your post and I do mostly. You were good for a few days and then "bam" you slide in another diss. You say that Citi is subprime now and get a whole host of responses here. And then you come back a day later and say, "I got the citi card too cards, no harm intended". Responding to you is a waste of time. The only reason that I responded to your post is because, you post was slyly negative. I did not anyone to get discourgaged in their battle to repair and rebuild their credit with your negative comments. While at the same time you are trying to improve your own. There is a name for what you are doing. But I wont post it here. I would advise anyone who is seriously trying to improve your credit which can sometimes be very difficult, to pick and choose what you believe from Sam.

  6. S.D.

    S.D. Guest

    RE: David and credit adding, e

    Sam, I understood what you were trying to say with your post. I just kept thinking of Scam artist David. I know what you meant to say, but I guess you should be careful HOW you say it. It's easy for others to
    misinterpret(sp?) your posts sometimes. After I read Roni's post, I thought , hey I didn't see it that way, but Roni's making a pretty good point.
    So yeah, just try to watch your words when you post =0]
    Hope everyone can stay happy on this board.

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