Dealing with credit card debts

Discussion in 'General Lounge' started by Adrian35, Jun 12, 2020.

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    I was using multiple credit cards to finance my business, and my business was running smoothly. But, at some point, everything went out of my control, and I couldn't pay off the debts in time. The credit card companies raised my minimum monthly payment and interest rate when I was late on my credit card payments. Now I am struggling to resolve my debts. I never expected that I would get stuck in such an overwhelming situation. I was looking for ways to get relief from debts. I came to know about business debt consolidation. I have a credit score of 620. Is it a good idea to consolidate my debts? Has anyone faced a similar situation like me? What are your opinions? How did you manage it? Please share your experience and advise me on this matter.


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