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    Since the message board monitors deleted my previous message...Here it is again. You not only have to deal with FICA scores, credit bureaus, and CHEXSYSTEMS, you will now be monitored by a Debit Bureau. (See The place is owned by the same people that run the CHEXSYSTEMS, and print DELUXE checks.

    This is where the site says their data will come from:

    "Sources of Data

    Deluxe Payment Protection Systems,Inc. /SCANSM

    Deluxe Payment Protection Systems' SCAN network verifies more than 2.9 billion checks
    each year. As the leader in check-verification, SCAN has more information on consumer checkwriting patterns than any other source.

    Chex Systems, Inc.

    As the account-opening verification service
    used by nearly 78,000 of the nation's financial institution locations, ChexSystems
    provides access to more than 17 million
    "closed-for-cause" account histories, and
    40 million records of new-account inquiries.

    National Revenue Corporation

    Deluxe affiliate, National Revenue
    Corporation, is one of the nation's five
    largest receivable management and
    collection agencies. It has extensive
    information from its client base of nearly
    30,000 credit grantors.

    Deluxe Financial Services, Inc.

    Deluxe Financial Services is a leader in
    financial institution check printing, and its
    affiliate Current, Inc. is a leader in direct
    mail check printing. Together Deluxe and
    Current fill more than 98 million check orders annually.

    No other company can match Deluxe's vast
    amount of debit data. For this reason,
    DebitBureau is uniquely positioned to deliver
    the best decision support for its customers'
    debit-related decisions."

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