Debt Collector Fraud, how to sue them?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by DCLover, Feb 22, 2010.

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    Some dirty debt collectors tried to use false information to collect from me a debt that belongs to someone with the same name as me, but with a different SSN and address. I am wondering if I have enough evidence to turn the table and collect from them.

    I got a debt collection notice in mail from a debt collector about a credit card debt, and I ask them in mail for validation. They sent me one sheet that basically just state again I am the holder of the account, but this time with my SSN and address claiming these information come from the account in question. There is nothing else in this "validation". The only information relevant to the collection in this "validation" is the following:

    "Please be advised of the following:
    Creditor/Original Creditor: (The bank name)
    Original Account Number: (the credit card number)
    Name on Account: (My name)
    Social Security Number on Account (last 4 digits): (my SSN)
    Original Address on Account: (My address)
    Last Paid Date: xx/xx/2004
    Charge Off Date: xx/xx/2005 "

    I went to a local branch of the bank (I am also a customer of that bank) to find out that the account belongs to someone with the same name as me, but with a totally different SSN, address and other personal information. I think the debt collectors just break the law by sending me false document by claiming my SSN appears on the original account.

    When I first saw it, I admit I was a bit surprised and scared as they got my SSN right. But now I found out the truth and scare turn to anger, I am not going let them get away. Do you think I have enough evidence to earn some extra cash? Any suggestion as to make my case stronger, make them make more mistakes that would cost them even more? Could they be convicted of multiple violations and charged proportionally? Also, do I need to hire a lawyer to sue them?
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    Why not send them a fraud affidavit and be done with it.

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