Debt Collector sued in Illinois

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    CHICAGO (STNG) Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan filed lawsuits Wednesday against a debt collection company for working without a license and engaging in allegedly deceptive business practices. The suits were filed against Contractor's Lien Services Inc., 6315 N. Milwaukee Ave., and owner Steven Boucher, according to a release from Alvarez's office. Contractor's Lien Services describes itself as the leading lien filer in the nation.

    The firm also states that it files more mechanics liens on behalf of contractors in the United States than any other company in the industry or law firms combined, according to the release. The suits allege that Contractor's Lien Services and Boucher engaged in debt collection without a license, the release said. The firm assists contractors and subcontractors in collecting money for work or materials. It attempts to collect debts by sending written payment demands to homeowners and recording mechanics liens against properties. The suits, according to the release, allege that many of the mechanics liens are deceptive.

    Contractor's Lien Services allegedly includes non-lienable items, overcharges and non-performed services into its liens, the release said. That grossly inflates the liens, impairs real estate titles and undermines the integrity of the title recording system, the release said.

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