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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by SM, Aug 17, 2000.

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    I have been in and out of bad credit for many years. I still have quite a few debts to pay off. Most of these debts are current, I am just tired of paying out minimum amounts due to many different creditors every month. I want one payment and a good way to keep re-establishing my credit. Are there ANY debt consolidation companies out there willing to work with someone like me? I mean a legitimate company who doesn't want to put bad marks on my credit or make it look like I am in dire financial straits. I am not a homeowner. I know there are companies out there and I also know most have a "catch". I am trying to avoid the scams and "catches". Any ideas would be helpful!
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    There is a list of "Credit & Debt Counseling Services" in the yellow pages. There are some that are non-profit. What they do is contact your creditors and get a reduced payment or reduced interest rate and when you get paid, you sent the Counseling service a set amount of money which goes to all the creditors. After the Counseling service starts to help you, by law the creditors cannot call you and ask for money or for anything. Most of these are non-profit so they make no money helping you. Good Luck.

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