Debt consolidation to reduce monthly payments

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    I'm having a really troublesome situation right now. I lost my job recently and I'm struggling to find a new opportunity. I worked as the chief marketing officer for a private organization based in Mississauga for the past few years. Jobs are lost in virtually every sector due to recession since the entire Canadian economy is dependent on each other. I need to try hard to tackle this tough financial condition.

    My husband is suffering from cutaneous lymphoma. I routinely relied on credit cards for his medical bills and the debt was accumulated. I'm unable to pay the monthly debts of credit cards and mortgages. So, I have decided to consolidate my debts so that it could help minimize the monthly payments. With a debt consolidation loan, we can easily pay off all of the credit cards at the same time and reduce the high interest on credit card debt.

    A trusted financial professional can work with our creditors on our behalf. I'm planning to consult a credit counselor regarding debt consolidation options available in Mississauga and nearby. Guys, please share your suggestions and opinions regarding this. Thank you in advance!

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