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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by clydeb, Apr 2, 2008.

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    I've been reading for a while and am pleased to see the senior members giving real answers--asking questions--and sharing info unlike some forums where they say "get a local lawyer bla bla". If people could afford lawyers they probabaly wouldn't be searching the web so much. Now my questions.

    I am administratrix (no will) of estate. Debts include cc turned over to CA (NCO) who have filed claims. Amount <1.5K. Offer today 36 1/2%. Sending paperwork. I'd like 20% but they say too low. They say Original CC is Sears-but claims say LVNV Funding LLC. I've heard nightmares about NCO. So

    Should I believe OC is sears? Should I say I want verification? (I know sears was indeed a debt but the amount is much inflated by stupid charges) Should I just send back a counter offer? What per cent? Should I demand wording in the settlement agreement (or should I write one) that says "without recourse"? Funds to pay debts will come out of someone elses pocket as the estate is small--but the heirs want clear deed etc so transfer can be made and don't want to chance a forced sale. I'll have other questions later but please give some input to this. State is Ky. Thank you for help and info. Clydeb
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    You need to post this in the credit forum where people will see it and respond.
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    clydeb, whatever happened to this? Did you pay the $547.50 they were asking? Anything less than 40% is a homerun. I'm interested - let me know.
  5. Hedwig

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    Considering that the post is over two years old, I doubt that you'll get an answer.
  6. Neter

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    you'll or you rather get an answer to this post . . . :)

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