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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by banko, Sep 30, 2003.

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    I Sent a Certified request for Val. to a CA. They responded 4 days later with a letter that states: A)Your account is in disputed status in our system... B)Discontinued Active collections efforts t this time... C)Requested the documents to validate debt from appropriate parties.
    I forwarded that letter to the CRA's and included a separate letter stating that I was upset that they were reporting inaccurate information. The CRA's initiated an investigation. The CA replied to keep items.

    It is has been over 30 days since I received the CA's letter. I contacted Equifax yesterday, and there starting another investigation on my behalf.

    What is my next best option. I've searched for the follow up 15-day letter, but I'm confused as to which one to use. Please offer any and all advice. And if possible a letter that you feel might work.

    I also contacted The American Collectors Association. They sent me a form to fill out. Can anyone with experience please advice me on what to include in my complaint regarding this collection agency. Or, any other option I should try..
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    Also, this alleged debt was sold by the original creditor to this CA. When I discovered alleged orig. creditor on my CR, I sent OC a letter stating, "I'm unaware of this account and request deletion." Then the OC sent me a letter stating, " In accordance with your request, we've notified the credit bureaus to remove your name from the above referenced account. No additional information relating to the account will be reported to the credit bureaus in your name." The OC then sold it to the CA who placed it on my CR with a account new number. I have the letter from the OC with there Account number. I also have the letter from the CA making reference to that account number..

    thank you
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    I stated in my initial post that I forwarded that letter to the CRA's. The only letter I sent to the CRA, is the validation letter to the CA. I did not include the CA's letter to the CRA's.
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    Was it already on your report when you sent validation? Was it marked as in dispute on your credit report?
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    I can't follow what you are saying, did you include the letter that you RECEIVED from the collection agency along with your dispute?

    "I did not include the CA's letter to the CRA's"

    If you would have included it, there is a chance that since it said the collection activites were stopped, that the CRA would have been able to correct the tradeline (delete) immediately.

    When you receive a letter from the CA saying anything about activities ceasing, you want to include that with the dispute. Then if the company says that they want to keep the listing, the CRA can compare the form, with the letter and make sure that the two match.
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    I saw the tradeline on my report, so I sent validation request to the CA. After they received, I disputed with CRA'S. The CA verified. CA then sent me letter stating account is in disputed status. I did not send the letter from the CA that reads, "account in disputed status." If I send their letter to the CRA's, won't the CRA's put account in dispute status. Why would they delete it? I hope they will.. Hmmmmmmmm

    So now they've verified with CRA's and I have no validation. What can I do?
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    1*So now they've verified with CRA's and I have no validation. What can I do?
    1* You could sue the CA for this 1000 buck violation .
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