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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Polly, Mar 22, 2001.

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    My search on these boards concerning inquiry deletions is very interesting to me. I am on Lexington's Retainer program right now and had previously used Junum. They both claimed to be able to get inquiries deleted. But I got a letter back from Trans Union saying basically talk to the creditor, they wouldn't investigate when Junum sent them a deletion request. Lexington has not responded yet to my numerous emails asking if they would do this for me. (I have as many as 8 on one report in the past 12 months.)

    I posted this very question on another community board similar to this and there appeared to be a consensus that bureaus don't investigate inquiries any more. Experiences here seem to differ. What did anyone say in their dispute letter?
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    I got lucky on this one, as far as trans union goes. I got a very nice rep on the phone and advised her that there were multiple inquiries on my file for MBNA ( I did request a line increase, so two of them were justified, but two were annual reviews, I think.) I advised her that since I already had two MBNA cards, it was unlikely that I would be applying for four more! She agreed, and deleted on the spot. I also advised during the call that I had had a problem with items that belonged to family members appearing on my report.

    I was trying to get a separate item deleted, and used the multiple inquiries as an example of how someone elses items were appearing (inquiries). She said it made sense to move them to inquiries only seen by the report owner. I got the copy in the mail yesterday, she deleted them entirely, plus one for Chase. This didnt work with Equifax or Experian, however :(

    Try calling Trans Union, and see what they say.
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    Thanks. I'll do that.

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