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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by nsquaared, Oct 4, 2000.

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    Well, this is a follow-up to my attempt have an installment loan for a Dell computer reported. I paid the loan off within 3 months as opposed to 4 years and I wanted it listed as a trade line. My credit is good, but it's all revolving, I thought an installment loan would be a good addition. Experian replied;

    "We are responding to your request to add account information to the credit report. Experian stores information from credit grantors and public records and supplies this information to other creditors. Credit grantors report their accounts to us on a scheduled basis so the reports contain up-to-date information. Consumer-added information never gets updated so credit grantors put little value on it. Therefore, we will not add the information. You may want to include the additional account on future credit applications."

    I called them after receiving their reponse and was again told that they will not contact Dell to verify, therefore it will not included. Dell has not responded to my request yet. Has anyone else had better luck?
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    That sucks!

    Again, that really sucks man. That's for the tip.
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    I contacted my old bank in MD and asked that two installment loans be listed on my report. I sent the letters certified and received a response within two weeks from the bank verifying the information in the form of a addition letter with the CRA's in the header box. I sent this letters to the CRA and they are updating my report as we speak.
    Try this way, get a letter from Dell in the form of an addition letter to the CRA's, make a copy and send it to them.

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    RE: nsquaared!!

    Thanks Reshod. I'll try it. It's nice to hear that someone else has had some success.
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    RE: nsquaared!!

    Thank you for the input. Hopefully, we could figure something out!

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