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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by fingrrrl, Oct 8, 2001.

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    My little ordeal with Dell started over two weeks ago. They were offering a free shipping promotion and since I NEEDED a new computer I thought I'd take advantage of it. I configured my new computer and then applied online for financing. I had done so before in April and was denied, but have cleaned up my Experian report (which is the only they pull of mine) since then and thought with the addition of my new Target Visa with $6000 limit and the original reporting date of 02/00 from my Guest card would make things better. So I filled out the application, pushed submit...and then was given several 'out-of-wallet' questions, you know the type..."it appears you applied for a car loan in the last 12 months. Please verify the interest rate for that loan." a.7.5% b. 8% c. 9.5% d. N/A. I answered three of those... and waited some more. Finally, I received my response and it was unusual. I was told that my application could not be processed and this could be for several reasons, the information I gave did not match my credit report, they could not contact the credit reporting agency, or that my application required more time. For some reason, regardless of this, I was still able to submit my order. So I did.

    Three days passed, and each day I had been checking my order status and it was only at the ordering process stage. I wrote customer service and got a reply saying my credit report was being analysed. So I waited and waited. Five more days passed, each day with me diligently checking my order status. On the sixth day I went to check it and it no longer was processing, and there was a message on the bottom that I should contact a customer service representative for more information. I called and was connected with some twit who had no idea what was going on with my order. I asked to be transferred to a supervisor but she said she couldn't, so I hung up. So I wrote customer service again (receiving that wonderful little automailer that said I would receive a reply in 12-24 hours)...and didn't hear from them at all. So then, last Wednesday I wrote Mr. Michael Dell from Planetfeedback expecting some sort of resolution to arise out of doing so, but I haven't heard from him or anyone who represents him either. I am now at my wits end.

    Do I have any sort of legal recourse? I am assuming that my order was suspended because I was denied for financing but how am I supposed to know for sure when no one tells me? I have not received a letter stating the reasons for my denial (if indeed I was denied) and isn't it there legal obligation to do so? Don't tell me it takes this long to get it out to me. I've applied for cards online, notably Chase, who had a denial letter in my mailbox one Monday when I had just applied over the weekend. I mean, I can't even believe they didn't ask me to supply an alternate form of payment, a credit card or check. They just dropped me and my order faster than god knows what. Like I said, do I have any sort of recourse? Thoughts anyone? Thanks!
  2. fingrrrl

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    By the way, my FICO is in the 680s. So of course it pisses me off reading people's posts who say they were immediately approved for financing with Dell when they just filed a bankruptcy last year.
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    I don't understand what the basis for a lawsuit would be, but I do have a suggestion.

    Call again and ask to speak with a Dell Financing (not customer service) supervisor. We all know that there isn't a company in America that doesn't have the capability to let us speak to a supervisor...whether it's the rep transferring a call or the supv just getting on the same headset! They can look up your file and answer your questions.
  4. fingrrrl

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    I guess I was just looking for some way, no matter what. I just can't believe I haven't received a letter of denial or something...I thought it was their legal obligation to inform me of my application for request of credit.

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