Denied for a cell phone??!!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Brian, Sep 9, 2000.

  1. Brian

    Brian Guest

    I went to purchase a cell phone plan yesterday from Cellular One. I filled out the typical contract and personal information, and picked it up this morning. To my dismay, I went in and they said to have the service, I would need to leave a $250 deposit! They pulled TransUnion.

    I don't understand. My credit's excellent, and in fact, a couple of weeks ago, I applied for financing for my new Dell computer I'm using now, and was approved for $5000. What gives??
  2. FISH

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    RE: Denied for a cell phone??!

    I'd find out who to call about it. Also they should send you a letter about why in the next few days. I am on a regular ATT plan but when I was at a store recently to get a case for my phone I overheard the clerk telling someone that they now have a pre pay and a plan that has service monitoring along with another one for credit challenged. They did not require a deposit but I was not there long enough to hear the details. You can call 1-800-imagine and talk to ATT and find out if they cover your area and the different plans.
  3. Brian

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    RE: Denied for a cell phone??!

    Unfortunately, AT@T doesn't offer service yet in my zip code (they said in the next 2 months).

    Maybe it was the inquiries on my report?
  4. Cadillac408

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    RE: Denied for a cell phone??!

    Who knows....

    I know Cellular Once can be jerks. My friend tried to get a phone through them and they wanted a $1k deposit! :-o

    Try Sprint PCS or MCI Worldcom. I know it's easy to get a phone through Sprint. MCI is a reseller for Verizon and Cell One but there credit criteria may be different.

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