denied for Amex Blue ...but ma

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by dave, Feb 22, 2001.

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    Dog and others might be interested in this. I applied for Amex Blue. When I received the denial letter I called the rep who was very knowledgeable. He pointed out things in my Equifax report that could have lowered my credit score which he told me was 668. They like to see at least 680.

    Turns out that Equifax is reporting that I was born in 1915 which is off by approximately half a century. On top of that they are reporting as unsatisfied a judgment from 1990. The judgment is satisfied and shouldn't be on the report anyway.

    Finally, they thought my debt utilization ratio of 30% was a bit high but probably didn't impact my score much. Since I'm 12 points below the cutoff, every little bit counts. Anyway, this 30% figure is not right and is caused by Citibank's failure to report the limit on a 10K card.

    So I faxed over copies of my passport showing true date of birth, the last statement from Citibank and the satisfaction of judgment together with a very nice letter explaining how I want to shift my business to them because they have an outstanding reputation for customer service.

    It wasn't particularly nice to get the denial, but it sure is refreshing to talk to people who direct and reasonable for a change.
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    Equifax isn't reporting??

    Equifax isn't reporting your citi limits?? I have never had a problem with them or TU just Experian. Which card aren't they reporting??

    Good luck, maybe they will reconsider when they get your letter and documents:)

  3. dave

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    RE: Equifax isn't reporting??

    Thanks mom for the encouragement. I have two Citibank cards, one reporting the limit, one not. It is the world aadvantage card limit that is not reported on Equifax and Experian but curiously is reported on TU.

    When I contested this with Experian, Citibank came back and said, well the card has no preset limit. It does have a revolving limit though, it's just that if you go over it, you have to pay back the excess on the next statement. It's like an Amex charge card feature over and above the revolving line.
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    RE: denied for Amex Blue ...bu

    Are you a cardmember now?If not,why not apply for optima and upgrade from there.But,if you can get blue,get it.Criteria might differ from each card.
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    RE: denied for Amex Blue ...bu

    i already have the optima card (Unsecure)$1000 limit and was told last week that the card can not be upgraded. I should apply for new card.
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    Dave sounds like you have BLUE credit. They may give it to you. What kind of revolving
    line do you have on the WORLD?

    Sounds like they should report better.
    Even on my Green Card, it shows highest amount ever spent - but that is the charge.

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    RE: Amusing



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