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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Becky, Aug 27, 2001.

  1. Becky

    Becky Well-Known Member

    So far on my quest of cleaning up my credit reports I am not doing to well. Mine seems to be going ok, but my huisbands suck. The lenders only want to look at him, cause he makes more money.

    My Equifax, by phone: 8 disputes. All 8 cleared up as I wanted. BUT, still having problems gettting them to delete one of each two items duplicated.

    My Husbands, by phone: 3 disputed. which they did nothing. These 3 also appeared on my report & were taken care of.

    There results: A pd collection - still showing balance.

    A CC stated 'in the WEP of another person' - That's what I was disputing. It's not.

    Mortgage reporting as settled - Equifax's comment; 'Reported correctly'.

    They all say updated, but not verified.

    Husbands Experian, by mail: 6 disputes. 3 corrected, 3 not.

    Again all say updated. Is this their term for verified?

    Clearly one they did not look at the documents. It is showing A CC in a Ch 13 petition in 2000-2001. Which does not exist. It was in the discharged 13 which they correctly show on the file.

    A blind, deaf monkey could do better.

    Can anyone give an educated guess if our scores will go up for these corrections/deletions? Or am I wasting my time?

    Mine: deleted - (1) collection (old) & a foreclosure (never happened)

    Corrected - (4)CC's (where showing as charge off with high balances) & (2)collections now show in 1995 Disch CH 7 with $0 bal.

    Husbands: deleted - CC charge off (in bk)

    Updated 1995 ch 7 to finally show discharged.

    Corrected - CC in BK, $0 bal. ( was showing open with medium bal.)

    Sorry this is so long. Feels better to talk to someone who understands these things:)

  2. NanaC

    NanaC Well-Known Member

    Becky, I do believe they will go up..and it might be better than you think ..and for both of you. I don't think you are doing bad at's a time-consuming process but you are doing good.

    Have you gone after the creditors yet (not just the CRA's)?
  3. Becky

    Becky Well-Known Member

    Hi NanaC.

    How are you doing? To get off a non-stop flight now! I would jump. Hopefully fall dead center on a CRA:)

    This is round one on these. So far from what I am interrprting their results. I don't see that they even actualy contacted any of these companies.

    I sent all the paperwork that I have from the specific companies. So it dosen't look like they can read either.

    Maybe you need to give them all a reading lessons:)

    On at least one of the three CR's. Each of a disputed item is correctly reported.

    So do these companies report differently to each CRA? Or is it the fault of the CRA it self?

    Interesting to note is that Experian just deleted an item for incorrectly commenting that a Ch 7 petiton was filed last year. Now another item that I disputed for not showing a $0 bal from the Discharged 13. Now pops up with incorrectly commenting about a ch 13 supposedly from last year. The state that I said it was bought by another lender. Never wrote any such thing.

    The only way we'll get a mortgage is score driven at the moment.

  4. dlo64

    dlo64 Well-Known Member

    I agree with Nana, if you are getting nowhere by disputing these items through the CRA's I would try directly through the creditor.

    I just started doing this with Household Retail Services. There are four accounts I had with them that I included in my Chapter 7 filed and discharged last year. Household has them as discharged in a Chapter 13 with the status of "Involved in Debt Adj." or "Wage earner or similar plan." These have been through the dispute mode, but come back verified, still reporting incorrectly.

    I sent 15 pages today certified/rr to Household including those pages of current CRA reports and the documentation that proves they are reporting these wrong. Ultimately, if this is not resolved by this means, I will have to take them to court.

    Take it one step at a time and try forcing the creditor to properly report the accounts. I know how you feel, I want it done and want it done now. Unfortunately, it does take some time, but just imagine if you sat back and did nothing. You are moving in the right direction. Just keep forging forward and try not to look back. We all know you can do it!
  5. Becky

    Becky Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the encouraging words. They are greatly appreciated.

    Now, if they actual do verify something? Do they report verified on the results page?

    Or does updated mean that they actaully called the company in question?


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