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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by jamie, Sep 15, 2001.

  1. jamie

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    Help? Can these people actually get away with damaging my credit report after the fact? My defaulted student loan was never reported to the CRA's and now after tracking down the servicer on my own (never received any correspondence from either) and paid in full they sent me a collection notice for the full balance plus more interest. Besides informing me that my credit file has been damaged. The letter was dated 4 days after the balance was posted to my credit card. WTF????
  2. bbauer

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    NCO is a sleazebag collection agency who can indeed ruin your credit over that and must any other issue.

    All you have to do is let them get away with it.

    I've run them off so many times it isn't even funny.
    It's getting so it's even hard to run them down anymore because they don't want to answer my validation letters nor any other creditwrench type letters. They just want to ignore them, and they do so until it's too late and they are already trapped. That's when they start squealing long and loudly.

    They finally realize they have been had and must do something or pay up a huge settlement, which they never want to do, of course.

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