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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by fingrrrl, Apr 30, 2001.

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    Does anyone know if either AMEX or Citibank listen at all and take into consideration your personal sob story? I mean, if someone with not-so-good credit (a student by the way) applied for each of their student cards and knew they would probably be declined, could they call or write to someone at each of the respective banks and explain their unique situation? Is this possible? I'm asking for a friend who wants to try this. They have credit cards, been in good standing with them for almost a year now, but the interest rates are too high, 23-27%. He wants a new card for the lower rate and for balance transfers. Would they give a little leeway to someone like this who is also a student? Thanks.
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    Although I am told that you can talk to people at Citibank if your application is denied, I would think that if they have a good history with their current accounts they should try to get better terms there.

    If the customer service people at the number on the back of the card don't help, try to talk to the retention department. For example, last Friday I called the customer service line for Household bank and tried to negotiate terms on my account. The person I spoke to was very rude and told me that they couldn't do anything and that the terms of my account were given to me when the account was opened. If I had any questions I was to go back and read them again. Today I called the retention department at the same bank and was offered a higher credit line, a waived annual fee or lower interest rates on both my accounts.

    If you'll post which bank services your friends' account I'm sure someone here will post the direct number to their retention department.

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