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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by kevinw01, Aug 10, 2001.

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    Hello There,

    I am a member of qspace and also truecredit.... I know that qspace was recently merged with iplace which is the same as consumerinfo.com anyways here's what happen I recently sign up with truecredit on their new credit monitoring service using transunion and their site was down for 2 days and I try to access the credit monitoring service this morning and I can't I call customer service and they told me that they were down and they are still in the process of restoring it... anyways the rep told me that they will have to call me back regarding this... also qspace I order a new report and they already charge my cc and yet is still showing the old report when I log on I call them and they told me that their site is down too.... what's up with their servicess.... anyone know which is a good one to use.... please advice......
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    Funny you should mention this...I just got off the phone with TrueCredit customer service. I ordered the report plus score on Monday, today I go in, it says my report expired June 9. I've ordered fairly regularly since October, and never had a problem.

    So I call customer service, and the guy says the system is updating (as you said), and he can't see my account. He offered to send me a gift certificate via email so I can order another one. Appeared about two minutes later.


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