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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by shulamite, Jan 9, 2001.

  1. shulamite

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    Has anyone gotten a prime card with a credit history similar to the following? I just can't seem to get any offers, excepting First Premier, which I refuse to do. How long before I get prime cards?

    1. one paid in full charge off, 3 years old

    2. one R-1 rated credit account closed at creditor's request, still "paying as agreed"

    3. three sub-prime revolving lines w/perfect history with 2 at 2 years old and the other 9 months old.

    5. paid off car loan w/perfect history, 2 years old

    6. paid off student loan w/ perfect history one year old

    4. current brand new car loan and student loan "paying as agreed".

  2. sam

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    RE: Did you get a prime card w

    Try the citibank AA advantage world mastercard silver.

    Mines worse than yours. No guarantee's.
  3. shulamite

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    RE: Did you get a prime card w

    Yikes. The only problem is that my paid charge off is with them. :-(
  4. Jason Sing

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    RE: Did you get a prime card w

    acu4credit.com has a program that may help you, because you need at least a 24 to 30 month credit paying history in order to get any real credit.

    acu4credit.com has helped many persons in worse bad credit situations than yours. Give them a try.
  5. John S

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    RE: Did you get a prime card w

    This site is a scam. Adding false information to someone's credit history is illegal and violates the FCRA.

    You, the CONSUMER, can get hammered for this as well.

    Creating new credit history files to evade your true credit history and credit risk is illegal.

    Stay away from this site. IT IS A SCAM.

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