direct mercant bank where are

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by angie, Mar 20, 2000.

  1. angie

    angie Guest

    can some one please tell me how to contact direct merchant bank .im trying to apply but dont know where they are please help thank you
  2. khryc

    khryc Guest

    RE: direct mercant bank where

    they have a website at
  3. sam

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    RE: direct mercant bank where

    I do not reccommend you apply for a card through direct merchants bank. I receive calls from them all the time about my card when it is paid up-to-date. Apparently they don't have a system that automatically updates the "screens" when you have made a payment, so the collection department just continues to harass you. Even when you contact them to "set the record straight" they continue to call about the same matter... this lack of organization concerns me b/c they may make a false report on your credit report. I have also made payments over the phone that were not credited correctly & they were VERY slow about correcting the problem even after acknowledging it was completely their fault. In ADDITION, I have given them written and verbal notification that my # has changed but they continue to call on my old number! I am transferring my entire balance to a more customer oriented company!!

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