direct merchant,s 29.95 rush

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by tom, Jun 19, 2000.

  1. tom

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    i forgot to ask on previous post has anybody that checked the 29.95 fed-ex rush delivery for titanium master card get the card quickly. all i,ve seen are negative post.
  2. bg

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    RE: direct merchant,s 29.95 r

    TOM, Here's one for you, I received a
    pre-approved offer from INDIRECT MERCHANTS
    BILK, so I sent it in and get a letter saying
    I've been turned down for reasons of:
    ETC. and I have none of these on my report.
    But guess what, the letter is addressed to a person with a different middle name but the same last and first name, so I figured they pulled the wrong file so I contact their customer service concerning this matter and I'm told that they only had the CRA file to go by and I would have to contact the CRA.
    Well thats no good because the CRA did not make the decision to turn me down, INDIRECT MERCHANTS BILK made that decision, and they won't pull the correct file, so what should I do. DMB asked for the wrong file and blames Equifax for me being turned down. I
    believe all the negative posts I've read about DMB being true. I'm going to report this to FCRA, AND THE FDIC and see what happens.
  3. Steven Z

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    RE: Direct Merchants incompete

    Bg, the way that DBM responded to you, outright blaming Equifax not once but twice, gives you the opportunity to do something I have been successful at previously.

    A couple of years back, for whatever reason, I applied for a Sears card and received a similar letter 'blaming Equifax' whereupon I called Equifax and had a discussion with a rep who didn't take kindly to their company been maligned, I faxed a copy of the letter directly to this rep and lo and behold 8 days later received a call from a Sears Credit Manager claiming there was some kind of mistake and offering me their card. I wish you could have been there to see my smile.

    I would contact an Equifax rep about this get him/her worked up and then send the letter as corraboration. While I wouldn't advise you to take this 'crap' card, whose workers appear to rival First Bank of Marin in incompetence, even if it is offered, in all likelyhood this will cause problems with DMB, and may very well FORCE THEM to change the wording of their rejection letters. Remember, the CRA's make it a point to always highlight on both their web sites and reports how "they" don't make credit decisions, else their would be legal and political hell to pay.

    Coincidentally, I managed to obtained my first (non offshore) visa card with the assistance of Equifax.

    I have discovered that the creditors all 'suck up' to the CRA's.
  4. bg

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    RE: Direct Merchants incompete

    Thanks Steven, Your advice sounds wonderful
    I'm sending a copy of the letter to Equifax this afternoon with the names of the idiots
    at DMB I talked to.
    Thanks so much
  5. JacquiG

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    RE: direct merchant,s 29.95 r

    Hi Tom,

    OK, here's a positive post. I've had a Titanium card for about a year; I received it two weeks from their "pre-approval" phone call. It was originally was a 'standard' card (Recd Jan 99), but they changed it a few months later, who knows why. In that time, I have never had a problem, and my credit limit has never been held up AT ALL after my payment posted - that's probably because I do EFT payments through my credit union.

    This card is not secured, has no annual fee or processing fee, and carries a 16.99% APR (they brought it down from almost 23 after one year).

    Sorry I couldn't answer the question about the rush job since mine came standard mail, but two weeks was fine for me.
  6. renae

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    RE: direct merchant,s 29.95 r

    As I've stated before, when I got mine 3 months ago, the FEDEX charge was 19.00. I paid it but called first to find out how soon that would be and was told that the "rush" would be about 2 weeks because they were backlogged. NOrmal would be 4-6 weeks. I opted for the rush and did in fact get it within the 2 week timeline.

    And may I say once again, that if you have terrible credit and handle this one responsibly it's a great re-building tool. There are some annoyances but regarding the hold on your payments, if you can call your bank and have them fax something over saying that your check has cleared, they will release it immediately. After a year, you don't have to go through this anymore.

    I don't work for them as some of you may be thinking, but I really do think that some people lose sight of the fact that there is a price to pay for being irresponsible. Yes, it is a big pain in the butt, but I'm willing to do it because I'm confident that in the end, the pay off will be worth it--I'll have good credit and be able to get other regular cards, loans, a new car, my own home, etc!

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