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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Dan Neeley, Aug 2, 2000.

  1. Dan Neeley

    Dan Neeley Guest

    I have the Titanium card from DMB. Is this basically just a VISA classic card without any benefits. I called them and they told me their steps are: Titanium, Gold, Platinum. That makes no sense to me. Shouldn't it go Gold, Platinum then Titanium? I have had no problems with DMB ad I really loke them alot.

    I just was approved for Providian even thouhg I had an account previously with them. Have they changed any of their ordeals they used to have?
  2. jeff

    jeff Guest

    dont worry if you havent had any problems with dmb you will soon enough soon you will find that there are hardly any banks out there that are as bad as this one what ever you do dont let you balance get close to its credit limit they will fine you then they will bill you your yearly fee and other fees just to put you over your limit what a bunch of crooks they have done that to me then they made my account go over its limit after all the fees and stuff they tacked on i had to pay over $200 just to get a $60 over the limit back down to where it was supposed to be do yourself a favor pay off your card and cancel your account besides with aprs as high as theirs you'll be paying it off forever once you get your balance up to $1000
  3. Stormie

    Stormie Guest

    I have a regular account with DMB and I've had no problems, payments always posting on time and have never been over my assigned credit limit. That is a very important point you brought up. You should allow enough credit to take care of finance charges ect. Otherwise you'll be charged overlimit fee's, this holds true with any bank. I can't complain about my interest rate with them as it's not bad, but I gather that depends on account type. If you have a high interest card you may wish to pay it off each month, or pay double payments so you won't pay as much in interest ect. Thats something we'd all like not too pay.
  4. RichGuy

    RichGuy Guest

    I have read similar things on another board about Direct Merchants Bank. Then when I saw that they required a "free" 2-month trial of some purchase-insurance program to get the card, I was really scared. Even if you call to cancel it, that's exactly the kind of thing that could "accidentally" pop up when your available credit will support your finance charge but not much more. With a bogus charge putting you over your limit for a couple of days, they can have fun with you for months and make a few hundred extra dollars along the way. I think this is what Jeff is talking about.

    Such concerns, and a godly fear of crooked subprime banks, led me to turn down a pre-approved Gold MasterCard offer from DMB in April, even at 19.9% with no annual fee. Now I get the same offer at 23.9% for a Classic MasterCard. Who can explain these people and their erratic ways?
  5. Renae

    Renae Guest

    Good point about watching your limit. The finance charge can put you over. But as far as those programs they try to tack on--just call and have them take them off right away. Be persistent because they will try to get you to keep them or at least to wait out the free trial period. I think they hope that by the time the free period is over that you will have forgotten and then they can charge you for it. They didn't want to take no for an answer but I insisted and told them that I did not want the free trial.
  6. Mike

    Mike Well-Known Member

    Yeah it seems more and more banks are pushing these "free trials. And once accepting the free trial it can be hard to remove. I agree with you, it's better off to say no right away. That way there are no problems.
  7. sha

    sha Guest

    I've had no problems with DMB I've had them for about 2 years and I've went over my limit many times and they always waive the over the limit fee, offcourse they are making crazy interest but hey i can;t complian i went over my limit, I want to change my card to that rate rewards card they have but i juess they don't do that .

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