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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Keith Rowe, Apr 10, 2000.

  1. Keith Rowe

    Keith Rowe Guest

    2 months ago received an application for an unsecured credit card. All I had to do was send 99.00 to get 500 in credit. I was trying to rebuild my credit, so I sent in the check. The check was cashed. I just TODAY received a note saying that my credit was not good enough to get the card. Where the hell is my money??? Can somebody please help me out on this because I really don't need 99.00 bucks swindled from me. Anything I can do? thanks, keith
  2. Niles O. T

    Niles O. T Guest

    Hi Keith,

    I assume it was Drect Merchants bank you were applying with for your card. Perhaps it was not the bank, but a scam, I don't know. I also reponded to Direct Merchant Bank with no sign up or yearly fee. I sent no money and received a $2,500 line of credit. I had no credit cards previously aside from the nextcard, which I applied for online. It only has a $300 limit.

    I wouldn't send any bank any money for a credit card, and I don't apply if they have an anual fee. Who needs the cards anyway. Most banks have a debit card that is either visa or mastercard, so I never missed the credit cards. I just applied because they sent me the offer.

    Sorry I'm no help, just consider it a lesson I guess, and don't sent money.
  3. Keith Rowe

    Keith Rowe Guest

    Thanks for the info. Too bad, cause I was only trying to rebuild my bad credit history into good credit history....oh well.
  4. Len

    Len Guest

    I had a similar experience with Direct Merchants. I wrote to them for a refund and received a check in three weeks. They even called to verify that I received the refund. This was several years ago. If you write them, all is not lost. Try it.
  5. Joy

    Joy Guest

    The same thing happened to me! I applied in February, paid the fees and haven't heard anything since. Please keep in contact with me if you find out what to do or how to get your money back
  6. Amy

    Amy Guest

    I would suggest that all of you go to this website: and look under credit.

    As a cardholder of a Direct Merchants card, I can tell you that it's nothing but trouble and consider yourselves lucky that $99 is all they took.

    Direct Merchants Bank ruined my honeymoon, has refused to consider my problem with them, and there is a MASSIVE lawsuit currently pending in federal court re: their practices. This website will give you all the information you need and event the opportunity to be contacted by a lawyer to be involved in the class action suit.

    I can tell you that their address is:

    Cardholder Services
    PO Box 21222
    Tulsa, OK 74121-1222
    Phone # is (one of the many, trust me)

    Consider yourselves NOT ALONE. Spread the word to others about this scam.

    Please contact me for more information at

    Hope this helps,
  7. Dennis

    Dennis Guest

    Eeeewwwwhhhh... That was close ;-). Thank to you people, I WONT establish any relationship with DMB. They gave me "pre-approved" for up to.. 5,000 with 15.99%, which looks attractive counting that my credit history is insufficient but.. Noway ;-) I'd better use my wife's AMEX for some time.
  8. ms miles

    ms miles Guest

    call this # 1-800-513-1777 it is the status dept.

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