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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Doyle, Mar 20, 2000.

  1. Doyle

    Doyle Guest

    Has anyone got any comments about this bank? Received a MC offer and want to know about the bank before I reply.
  2. Keith Guer

    Keith Guer Guest

    Yes, They are fine! I've had a DMB m/c for many years and they have been great to work with.
  3. grilloal

    grilloal Guest

    i heard ther pretty good to. can you give the there address ive been trying to apply too but cant seem o find them
  4. sam

    sam Well-Known Member



    I do not reccommend you apply for a card through direct merchants bank. I receive calls from them all the time about my card when it is paid up-to-date. Apparently they don't have a system that automatically updates the "screens" when you have made a payment, so the collection department just continues to harass you. Even when you contact them to "set the record straight" they continue to call about the same matter... this lack of organization concerns me b/c they may make a false report on your credit report. I have also made payments over the phone that were not credited correctly & they were VERY slow about correcting the problem even after acknowledging it was completely their fault. In ADDITION, I have given them written and verbal notification that my # has changed but they continue to call on my old number! I am transferring my entire balance to a more customer oriented company!!
  5. gs

    gs Guest


    sounds somewhat like Cross Country Bank
    except with CCB even though they admitted
    it was there mistake you still have to pay the fees for there mistake. I doubt MB
  6. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    My elderly mother applied for a Master Card through DM sometime last year. Turns out that the card could only be used for purchases made at Fingerhut (which they apparently are affiliated w/ ). As of last month (when I found about all of this) Her "Fingerhut Master Card" w/ its 300.00 credit limit had billed her in excess of 1700.00 due to over the limit penalties and an APR of 30% Needless to say her phone was also ringing off the hook, courtesy of their collection goon squad. I paid the balance in full for her and just as another poster wrote, it took a VERY long time afterward for them both to credit this and to stop harrassing her over the phone. I would be very wary of doing business w/ this type of company.
  7. scotty

    scotty Guest

    Run like the wind! They are the most underhanded people I have ever done business with...including some shady characters. They
    will burn you I promise.
  8. scotty

    scotty Guest

    Theres a sucker born every minute...PT Barnum
    Stay clear of this bunch....
  9. scotty

    scotty Guest

    You must be an employee or also enjoy poking yourself with an ice pick. This is the lowest form of life on this planet
  10. scotty

    scotty Guest

    Amen to that .......Id love to get the phone number of some of the "goons" they use, Id call to say hi every day
  11. Chris

    Chris Well-Known Member

    I have a MasterCard with them. So far, so
    good BUT (you knew I had to have a "but")
    look out for authorization holds staying
    on your account EVEN AFTER the merchant
    was paid. I rented a car and yelled at
    everyone at Budget Rent-A-Car only to find
    out that they were ALREADY PAID and my
    bank (DMB) still had a hold on my account.

    DMB says that an authorization can last
    for 15 days. That's much, much longer than
    most bankcards. Hell, my Visa Check Card
    holds no more than 5 days.

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