Direct Merchants Gold Card

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by pw, Jun 12, 2000.

  1. pw

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    Anyone have any experience with this card?
  2. TC

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    I don't have experience with the gold card, but I do have experience with the company. They charge outrageous interest rates & have one of the most inept customer service groups I've ever dealt with. I use bill an online bill-pay service & monitor my accounts carefully; they are always the first to cash checks, last to post them to my account. Toss in the fact that they don't report to the credit bureaus without a written request, and you have a recipie for STAY AWAY!
  3. pw

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    Thank you for the information.
  4. Doris K.

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    I've read many posts from people who have mentioned that Direct Merchants Bank doesn't report to the credit bureaus. However, when I looked over my daughter's latest Equifax report, I found that they are reporting her account, and she didn't ask them to.

    Still, she does not care for Direct Merchants, and she is afraid to use her card anymore. Not long after she opened the account, she used her card for the first time, and it was declined. She had a $500 limit and had never used it before. When she called them to find out why it was declined, they told her that the account had been cancelled, and they showed that the cancellation was on her request.

    She explained that she didn't cancel the account, and she was transferred all over the place until she reached someone in the credit department who said she would straighten it out in 48 hours. The lady apparently did, but my daughter spent well over an hour on the phone, and she claims she's never encountered such incompetence in all her life.

    She's afraid to close the account so soon after opening it, but she's very reluctant to use it. Considering this as well as many other negative posts, I'd think twice before opening an account with them.

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