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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by delia, Jul 18, 2000.

  1. delia

    delia Guest

    I have been sent an offer for a Discover Platinum card. I have a secured Cap One Visa card ($300 limit) and an unsecured Orchard Bank MC ($500 limit) and would love a card with a limit of $1000 or more. Is Discover card a big joke or is it an OK card to have? Any comments/experiences would be welcomed...
  2. JP

    JP Guest

    I carry the Discover Platinum and I've been happy with the card. What is your credit like? It will need to have good credit in order to get this card.

  3. Michael

    Michael Guest

    Discover is accepted by all the major airlines, hotels, car rentals and department stores in North America. Not to mention many other restaurants, and stores, I would hardly call it a joke!

    As for the possibility of being accepted my friend just got his $10,000.00 Platinum Card with no annual fee, his credit was fairly new and small, but now with this card he's in the big league.

    Discover will issue you a regular card if you don't qualify for the Platinum Card, I would bet that you will get at least $2,500.00 limit, which will significantly boost the 2 small limits you have now on your report.

  4. creditwork

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    I have a Discover card. I am pleased with their offers. They give a pretty reasonable balance transfer APR, below 10% and as low as 2.9%APR. It is very much worth a shot.

    Profit from the experience.
  5. ???????

    ??????? Guest

    Were you preselected or preapproved, everyone I know that received pre selected was declined:(

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