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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by skynet83, Nov 7, 2001.

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    Is this legal for Eperian to do this? I have a 5 year old chargeoff from Discover. I disputed this with the big 3 and all three deleted the entry after Discover failed to respond in 30 days. To my surprise it re-appeared on my Experian report about 3 weeks later. I called Experian and the rep said that since Discover was one of their larger customers they sometimes let them do this and she could not give me a better explaination than that. What makes it so bad is that I re-disputed this and it came back verified and Discover stated that it was sold to CREDITRUST. I contacted CREDITRUST and they don't have any record of my account and their entry doesn't show up on any of my reports. I suspect that since I have changed addresses several times since then that they can't find me in their database but I also didn't offer up any helpful information to find me either. Can I force Experian to delete this entry?
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    Well, it is not "illegal" but they are supposedly required to inform you if items are re-inserted after deletion...though I have NEVER heard of it happening, they always seem to try and slip it in. As for forcing Experian to do something, ...ANYTHING, I would have to say NO. Though a lawsuit for not following the FCRA may "force" them to settle via deletion of all your derogs (if there are any others).
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    Well, I did have it happen one time a couple of years ago. I think it was Transunion, but I can't be real sure of that. It didn't take me all that long to get rid of it again.

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