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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by ED, Sep 25, 2000.

  1. ED

    ED Well-Known Member

    Is this a good card ?

    I was recently approved for one at about 15% with 0% for six months. I have a short credit history - longest creditor is Cross Country Bank for 22 months.

    I am tranfering my CCB balance. Is it in my best interest to close CCB, or keep it open with no balance to maintain longevity ? I have never had a problem with CCB losing my payments or charging unwarranted fees.
  2. Michael

    Michael Guest

    Depends on how the rest of your credit is?

    If you have say 6 or more other cards/accounts then by all means start closing the most insignificant accounts.

    On the other hand if all you have is CCB, and a new Discover with one other card then keep it open for another year or so.

    Now that you have Discover you may also want to get Blue from AMEX, try in about 90 days time you should have no problem!
  3. AMEX  rep

    AMEX rep Guest

    I would stay away from Discover because of their 2 cycle billing which will almost double your finance charges. However, this will only affect you if you make purhcases on the balance that you transfer. If you want a good low fixed rate for balance transfers, check out AMEX blue 9.9 for the life of the balance. Also, AMEX platinum chas rebate offers better benefits and higher actual chash back than Discover
  4. Michael

    Michael Guest


    What do you mean by 2 cycle billing??

    I would recomend Discover to build a great credit limit, they are great at extending heavy limits!

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