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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Erik, Nov 10, 2000.

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    This is actually on behalf of my girlfriend who has absolutely spotless credit. Discover keeps calling her up and telling her she "automatically" has qualified for insurance, extra credit protection, God knows what, these extras ARE NOT FREE and SHE HAS TO CANCEL. In other words they call you up and say congratulations your bill's going up next month unless you call back to cancel your new "privileges." This has got to be illegal. Any other frustrati out there?
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    No i havn't had any problems with discover doing this kind of trick.The only way anyone can avoid these calls is to ethier have a caller I.D. or a answering machine take the calls.Any telemarketing calls won't leave any messages.

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    You can't be "automatically" be signed up for credit card insurance unless they pay the bill in full for you!!!
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    She ask that they put a "do not promote" notation on her account. I had to do this with Providian and Capital One.

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