Dispute letter: Creditor reporting past due after CH7 BK discharge - pls advise!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by mae-mae, Aug 30, 2006.

  1. mae-mae

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    Hi there,
    I had a CapitalOne account that was discharged as part of my CH 7 b/k case. Cap1 reported nothing from the date of filing May '05 until Feb '06. Beginning in Feb '06, they started reporting 30days late each month through June so far.

    What is the best route to take here? Do I file the complaint with Cap1 or the credit bureau (TransUnion)? Are there any samples that I can use for my letter? I looked in the sample letter forum but couldn't find anything that seemed to fit. Are there any rules/laws I can reference in my letter?

  2. Reatha

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    As many MANY can attest here...while it might seem a good idea at a certain point in your dispute....DO NOT SEND ANY CRA A COPY OF YOUR BK PAPERS! If you do, they will have proof of all your info and the possibility of an early removal of it is gone.....gone until the 10 year from filing law. Just an FYI.
  3. Reatha

    Reatha New Member

    I have had luck in filing a BBB complaint against CAP 1 through the BBB. You might give this a try. Again, don't send your BK papers. Best of luck.

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