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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by martig4, Oct 17, 2001.

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    I have been steadily improving my credit. I have started at 560 and now am over 660.

    I have found the most effective approach for correcting credit reports is to deal with the creditor directly. I have had negative notations removed when the original creditor simply could not provide any information regarding the account and voluntarily corrected the credit reports.

    That being said... I am having a difficulty with two different companies.


    An account I had with GMAC that was closed in 1998. The account shows a number of 30-day lates on my report. The account has been "verified as correct" by each of the three bureaus.

    I have both phoned and written GMAC simply to ask they provide me with the "proof" that supports this claim. I merely asked for a written payment history. They seem unable or unwilling to provide the proof.

    My question... GMAC has not responded to any of my many correspondence, some of which was sent certified. What is the best approach to convince each of the big-three CRA's to remove the item. I am fully prepared to take GMAC and the CRA's to court should that be necessary. Any advice on this one?

    First Premier:

    This is a bit trickier. I have a "account closed by consumer" with these crooks. Unfortunately the payment history shows 1 30 day 1 60 day and 2 90 day lates. The account was closed 03/01.

    I would somehow like to have this removed. I found out today they are still reporting my account monthly. I phoned them to ask them to stop reporting, because they are also supplying a wrong address, which the bureaus seem to think is correct.

    The phone drone told me that unless I disputed the account they could do nothing. I persisted and tried three different reps, but got the same answer.

    Any suggestions how I might accomplish the goal of having this account removed?

    Thanks in advance ......

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    I probably have a solution for your problems.

    The holidays are coming soon. Get them both the gift of CREDITWRENCH&#153 for the holidays. They will just love you for it.


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