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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by everpre, Aug 16, 2003.

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    newbie needs help. this will be my first dispute ever. I did not file state taxes one year, and in 2001 the state recorded a tax lien. I then filed, showing I did Not owe any state tax. The state then released the lien.
    One CB shows that I paid the tax (not true, no tax owed), the other CBs show I owe on a state tax lien.
    How should I challenge these to clear my reports? And if removed won't the CBs just put them back on?
    note: the recorded tax lien release does not say paid. It just says released.
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    WOW......I think you are the first person I have seen post about this, I HAVE THE SAME EXACT PROBLEM!!!

    I did not file one year, state computed my taxes, that I owed them and placed a lien, I eventually filed and it turned out the state OWED ME!

    If the CRA's say your return is released, that is like saying they have been PAID. This is just as damaging as unpaid. I agree with you, it is FALSE information, you didn't pay the LIEN, you filed late and you were actually paid.

    IMHO, forget about the semantics of it, CRA's don't care, at least EXP doesn't. I disputed with EQ and TU as NOT MINE. Both deleted. EXP verified. I sent the EVIL EXP a copy of my refund check from the state, explaining the situation, and once again, they didn't do anything. I have gone back and forth with the state, California about getting this removed and they won't budge. The Calif. state franchise tax board is worse than the IRS.

    Very important......before disputing with the cra's get your address removed linked to that lien, and dispute as not mine. I think this would be your best chance. Really, the CRA's could care less about the details, so getting your address removed and disputing as not mine is probably your best bet.

    Good LUCK.....You will need it!
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