Dispute w/Equifax bad & good

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Becky, Aug 5, 2001.

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    I finally have gotten some feed back on my disputes. So far just mine from Equifax.

    I had 3 files using the right ss#, but three different forms of my legal name. Several accounts duplicated on each report.

    Good: Got the files combined.
    5 items either corrected or deleted as I wanted.

    Bad stuff. In combining the files instead of deleting one of the duplicate items they put them on twice. They corrected one of the two, but the second of each remains incorrect & negative.

    A Collection that was in my bk on one report was reported 6/01 the 2nd report reported 4/01. Same balance & company, but different account numbers. Neither the actual correct number. The 4/01 they show as $0 balance in bk. The 6/01 $88 unpaid.

    A Disney card from 1995 shows up twice. One with the last 7 digits. Now correctly reoprting as $0 balance in bk 7. The 2nd shows the entire account number. Reporting as 'charged off, $4K+ balance'.

    The notation on the results page says, "This is not a duplicate account. Companies generally open two accounts for their customers. Additional information has been provided from the original source regarding this item See enclosed credit file."
    Sorry I had one account & it was filed in my bk 7 in 1995. It's due to come off in Jan. 2002.
    So what's the deal with this?
    How should I request these to get cleared up?


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