dispute with chex system ..any

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by mil, Nov 9, 2000.

  1. mil

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    I have A nsf In my report since 1995 , NSF I dispaute this item will see if they can verify this since bank is close .....does anyone able to clear an item from chex system report by disputing it.
  2. Mike

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    RE: dispute with chex system .

    only if you pay it off
  3. PC509

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    RE: dispute with chex system .

    Yes, I have disputed an entry on my Chexsystems report. It was an NSF account from 98. It was removed, probably because they didn't verify it in time, which I hear is VERY common with Chexsystems...

    Good Luck!

  4. S.D.

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    RE: dispute with chex system .

    I had a nsf in 1999 with Wash. mutual and I paid it a year later (8/00). It went to Chexsystems. Wash Mutual will not open an account until a year from when I paid it,
    CalFed will not open because they check thru Chexsystems. I applied for a checking account online at Wells Fargo, and they say they will open after I send them minimum deposit ($100). Have not sent the deposit, because i am afraid they will turn around and say that they cannot open an account due to problem with chexsystems.
    Chexsystems will not remove info unless the bank authorizes them to delete it. Washington Mutual said that it depends on what branch you ask, but most branches will not do this for you. The nsf will remain on your file for 7 years, just like the rest of the other crap! At least that's what I was told. I gave up. I'm just waiting for a bank to accept me =(
  5. kim

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    RE: dispute with chex system .

    I also disputed an got an entry removed. They couldn't verify the reported NSF activity.
  6. roni

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    You are right.

    You are right. You must pay it and then ask the bank to contact chexsystem. I guess some banks would do it automatically, but you never know. I of course asked them. It only took a couple of weeks. A lot of people complain about chexsystem. I dont really understand the probl. At least, I didnot have one. I was overdrawned. I paid the debt and my name was cleared. I guess others dont know how to clear it, did not try to clear it, did not have the funds to clear it, or they are getting the runaround by their banks. It just surprises me allthe trouble with being in the chexsystem file indefinitely. Please enlighten me.


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