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    We sent a request of dispute to all three
    cra's, along with a copy of our credit
    report and circled the items we were disputing. The other 2 sent a comfirmation letter stating they sent the original creditor our request of dispute and would have an answer in 30 days. Experian however
    sent the letter back stating they needed more information such as my SS#, 2 PROOFS
    How asinine is this CRA, we sent a formal
    letter, copy of credit report from them, with
    WANTED, Is this normal for this bunch of idiots, Trans Union, and Equifax, had the
    same information and no problem. Experian
    wants your first born, and a copy of your
    bank statement.
  2. Steven Z

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    How shall I say this politely "you were screwed!"

    The fact is that you are under no obligation to provide any of that information Experian asked for, in fact what they asked for is illegal, not that that ever stopped any CRA from doing anything considering they break multiple laws every day.

    Experian' sole purpose in obtaining this info is to sell it to every last marketer they can, prepare to be bombarded with junk offers.

    If you had taken the time to ask here on Credinet you would have found out that you could have forced Experian to provide this information. Also you would have been advised what to do with that form (other than shoving it up their ass) but typically shredding it up and demanding the information according to federal reguations as well as forwarding this request to their legal department are some of the means that have been used successfuly.
  3. Jenny

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    Experian not only has a right,

    Experian does not merely have a right, they have a duty to verify your identity. They did the same thing to me, they do it to everybody. Send them a copy of your driver's license and social security card (like i did) and that will take care of it. For those of you who do not have a social security card, you lost it or whatever, take the time to get one. It's free and it makes things easier. I have a file folder in my desk labeled "identity" and inside are about 30 xerox copies of my driver's license, passport, and social security card to send to agencies requring verification of identity. It makes things alot easier.
  4. J. Edgar

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    RE: Experian not only has a ri

    They should have no problem with mailing out a credit report to the address they have in your file listed as your current address.

    Experian is well-known to pull this kind of crap to 'fish' for more information about you to put into your credit file and their other 'demographics' data bases that they sell to other customers. If the employer they have listed for you was verified more that 3 years ago, they will ask for a paystub, for example.

    Social Security cards clearly state on the face of the card, "Not to be used for identification purposes." Having someone send in a 'copy' of their card is certainly one of the least credible verifications of identity as anyone can take an image of the card, doctor it up with what ever info they want, print it on a color printer and then copy it on a 'bad' photocopier so the resulting image is of poor quality.

    They tried to pull this crap on me and I responded by citing the FCRA and pertinent sections of state law and demanded that they send the report to my address of record. They did.

    One should be careful as it's illegal in some states to copy driver's licenses and other 'official documents' just as it's illegal to make copies of other things like US Treasury checks, Federal Reserve Banknotes (money), and US postage stamps (in their original size and coloration).
  5. bg

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    RE: Experian not only has a ri

    Thanks gang, I didn't send them the info.
    they asked for,I wanted to get some feed back here first. Steven and J.Edgar I'll
    use your advice it makes sense and I was thinking the same thing you were, THANKS!
  6. Debl

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    RE: Experian not only has a ri

    They pulled the same thing on me. However, I shredded their request, and sent it back to them with a nicely worded letter, that since I sent them a copy of the credit report they had on me, that was all the verification they needed. They have not tried that since. I agree with J Edgar, they are just fishing for more information on you. Never, Never send them anything with your phone number on it, they just want to update their file on you for other creditors.
  7. J. Edgar

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    CRA Fishing - Telephone #s

    Another note about telephone #s in general, not necessarily for just CRAs. I resist every attempt to disclose my telephone #, certainly to organizations I know are going to turn around and sell it to telemarketers and database companies like Acxiom.

    When I actually do have to give a telephone number, I give them my cell phone number. Most telemarketing companies' autodialers are programmed not to call cell phone exchanges as telemarketing someone on their cellular phone is illegal, for the same reason sending junk faxes is. You can not make the recipient of the message bear the cost of delivering the message. (Incoming air-time charges, fax supplies and paper). This would be like getting junk mail postage-due.

    I have no objection to receiving calls on my cell phone from banks that I'm a customer of if the call is directly and materially related to my credit card account with them, such as suspicious charges or returning my calls when I've made an inquiry that required some research. This does not include pitches for worthless credit insurance, auto clubs, vacation clubs, and alot of the other crap they push.

    If you don't have a cell phone, but have a second phone line for the computer, use that number to give out to organizations who insist on having a phone number and are likely to sell your personal information. I did that before I got DSL and never got bothered with any calls as the line was always connected to the computer and never had a telephone on it. It either rang for as long as they cared to hear it, or they got a busy signal.

    Many people don't realize that the CRAs are one of the biggest threats to one's personal privacy because of the lax and careless way they distributes one's credit information to anyone who will pay for it, regardless of what purpose they wish to use it for. This threat is compounded by amount of erroneous information they have on file and the mindless way they repost incorrect information that was disputed and removed merely because it got reported again as the creditor failed to update their records or for more nefarious reasons.
  8. Michelle

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    RE: CRA Fishing - Telephone #s

    This CSR pulled the same thing on my husband but not me. We sent them a copy of his social security card, figuring they already had all that information. For proof of address I sent a copy of our electric bill and put a piece of paper over all the account information when I photocopied it. The only thing they could read was that it was an electric bill with out address and my husbands name. They didn't ask for anymore information after that.

    Be extremely careful about what you send them. Don't send your drivers license (or at least not with the number showing) many agencies use your drivers license number in data bases. Don't let them see your account number on utility bills or they might add that information to your report. I had a friend who rounded her utility bills and her bill showed a past due amount under a dollar and it was added on her report.
  9. J. Edgar

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    RE: CRA Fishing - Telephone #s

    I never bother with telephoning the CRAs. They have the rudest, most uncooperative, least helpful CSRs of any organizations I've dealt with. I always write them a letter and send it certified mail.

    The only thing I will telephone them for is to anually request a copy of my credit report through their automated system.
  10. Aom

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    RE: CRA Fishing - Telephone #s

    Once you put your SSN on a App it becomes public information and there is nothing you can do about it.

    The credit bureaus sell credit headers to Information Brokers,Collection Agency,Insurance companys And Law Enforcement for a fee.

    I buy credit headers for $1200 per month from each bureau.
  11. J. Edgar

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    RE: CRA Fishing - Telephone #s

    Credit Headers are one thing. It's only the identification data for the credit file. Many companies use them for ID verification.

    The easy availability of that kind of information (including SSN) is just another reason why SSNs should not be relied on as a high-integrity means of identification.
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    This happened once to my husband as he was trying to settle his disputes.What I did was just ignore them...send in another request a few weeks later and they didn't ask for all that info.It could be there way of getting more info or verifying your information.ALways make sure that you sign your dispute letter and underneath it put your SS#..this should stop them from asking more questions.I always signed my disputes letters that way and they never bothered me again.


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