Disputed Address Now TL's Gone

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by pd11604, Sep 30, 2003.

  1. pd11604

    pd11604 Well-Known Member

    I requested that TU remove a previous address listed since it was a duplicate of my current address.

    They removed the previous address but in the process they also removed the following

    2 Hard Inquiries
    BoA Secured Credit Card line
    Chase AU line
    Paid Civil Judgment (for State Taxes)

    I actually have NOTHING Listed with TU.

    Naturally I would like to keep the Judgment and Hard Inq's off, but I'd want to get the AU account back on since it is from 1989, and it has a CL of $13,000.

    Also, I would like the BoA account back on because that is the reason I got it in the first place, which was to build up a positive credit history

    I probably have an old TU report which shows the long-time chase AU history but does not show the INQ's or the Judgment...should I send them a copy of this report and request that the Chase AU account and the BoA account be re-inserted, or should I leave well enough alone, and be glad the INQ's and the Judgment are off ?

    Sorry for the long post, but I wanted everyone to have all the info

  2. DanS

    DanS Well-Known Member

    If your positive tradelines are still active/open/reporting, they will reappear magically.

    Hold your breath and perhaps the negative TLs will not reappear at the same time. If two or three months goes by and you don't see your open TLs reporting, you could call them and ask them to update your balance, it's in dispute.

    I would tread very, very carefully and avoid contacting TU at all, for now.
  3. pd11604

    pd11604 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for replying
    That was my thought to tread very lightly and not stir them up
  4. Butch

    Butch Well-Known Member

    Good job Dan.

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