Disputed w/CRA - then got coll

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by mvfl, Feb 21, 2001.

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    A few weeks ago I disputed an old collection on my 3 CRA reports and am waiting for the results. I have not heard from this collection agency for a few years. Now all of a sudden I get a letter in the mail from the collection agency that just says "Please call our office regarding your account. We need additional information from you before we can bring your account to its proper conclusion." Obviously they are trying to get me to call and acknowledge the debt because otherwise they cannot verify it for the CRA's due to lack of documentation/proof. Should I just ignore them and let the time run out so they can't verify it? Then once it's off my reports (if it gets deleted) and I hear from them again, I could send them a cease & desist letter and tell them I dispute it. Is this the best approach? Any other ideas/input?
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    ignore 'em

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    RE: Disputed w/CRA - then got

    ignore them. They wrote you because you disputed and woke up your otherwise dead credit file. Dont call them, because if they are like Arrow Financial, they have caller id and they will start harrasing you.
    If you call them call them from the police department. That'll teach em.


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