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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by MikeB, Apr 18, 2001.

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    I received a dispute receipt letter from Transunion, and decided to apply for a couple of CCs to see if my score was higher since all of my negative accounts are currently being disputed. I applied for Sears card since I have no department cards that are open. I got a huge $250 CL! (sarcasm) But since no annual fee, I'll just shift money around from time to time to keep it active. I applied for Chase, but site only said I would receive a response by mail...(denied). Now I have 4 inquires in a year, and I decided to try for Nextcard since I was running out of companies that I know pull TU. I applied and was only offered a secured POS card with high fees....not. Oh well, as far as the theory goes about disputed accounts not affecting your FICO scores, I have serious doubts. When I confirm my Equifax is being disputed, I will check my score and see.

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    I can't figure this issue out either. My fico jumped alot after I disputed some items. But, the CRA's always say not to apply for credit while you are disputing. This could mean one of two things:

    They know they can't show the items you dispute so they don't want you to apply when the lender won't see the negs.


    They're just letting you know that until the disputes are resolved the bad stuff stays on so don't bother to apply.

    However, I have an item on my TU report that says above it "Item supressed, consumer disputes" I wonder if that really means lenders can't see it?? I actually disputed the item a year ago and they allegedly verified it (even though EX and EQ deleted it) so it's not even under investigation anymore, but it still says that!

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