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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by arobinson, May 1, 2001.

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    I used my Cap1 card to purchase a computer over the internet, cost $1049.00. The box arrived empty, I don't know if it was stolen in transit, or what happened, the computer box was in there, but the actual laptop was missing...

    Can I dispute the charge on that basis? The folks at Circuit City do not believe me, and I was wondering if Cap one would investigate and give my money back?

    Please let me know?
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    I've never heard of that happening before...very odd.

    Sounds like you need to do a few things and disputing it with the credit card company would be a good start. Then you will probably want to file a claim with the shipper(UPS, FedEx, whomever) or force Circuit City to file a claim on your behalf.

    And start working your way up the chain of command at Circuit City. More than likely the error was on their end and the laptop was either (1) stolen out of hte box before it was shipped (2) never put in the box to be shipped. Eventually you will get to the person that can override all of the people who keep telling you there is nothing they can do.

    I doubt UPS or FedEx took it but I guess that is possible.

    And in the future don't buy laptops or any kind of computer from CircuitCity or any other retailer like that. Dell makes really good laptops at a VERY competitive prices and even more importantly you their laptops come with a warranty that is 3 years of OnSite Labor and Parts if you order the right model. They will come to your house and fix it by the end of the next business day.

    You get them delivered right to your door(mine was in the box) and you get to customize the laptop to meet your needs. And be sure to check out the refurbished units because they have great deals if you don't mind buying a laptop someone else returned. I just got a refurbished Inspiron 8000, 850Mhz, 128MB, 20GB Hardrive, 15.1" screen(UXGA), 32MB video, 10/100 Network + modem and a couple other goodies for under $1800.00. New from Dell this laptop costs about $2500-2600.00. Any other PC manufacturer and you are looking well above $3000.00 for the same machine.

    The negative thing I have to say about Dells is that the screen could be a little brighter.

    Sorry to be so off topic about this but it is credit related in a way because buying a PC can be expensive and most people don't have the money to pay cash for these things and end up financing the purchase on a credit card.

    Just my opinion and good luck getting this resolved.

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