Disputing a repo fr 6 yrs HELP Plz

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by KeepSmilin, Aug 14, 2003.

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    Hi, if anyone has suggestions I need them plz! :) I had an auto repo in 8/98. Acct went delinq in 9/97. I rcvd 1 notice (in 8/98) from the CU stating car was repo'd, etc. I called the CU this wk to try to get them to remove this off my CRpt. CU says no AND stating they can take collect action still. In 10/02 I pd them $3000 for an unsec judgment (also from 9/97) becuz I couldn't close on the sale of my house unless it was satisfied. Now, they're trying to do the same thing. I thought Statute of Limit in AZ was 6 yrs from delinq, so for me 2 more wks right? How do I dispute this or even settle? I offered $250 (owe $9500) he laughed, said no way. Any suggestions? I have a feeling the CU illegally put judgment on me (unsecured loan) and made me pay off the debt. I need help finding concrete examples/law of what my rights are on this auto repo that I could attach with a dispute or threatening lawsuit. I just want it done with and to show pd in full. Anyone's help is welcome. Thanks in advance.
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    What was the actual deficiency after the repo and sale? How much of the deficiency did you pay?
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    Hi Kickman. I owed approx. $14K when it was repo'd and apparantly the deficiency is $9500. However, they never sent me anything validating that deficiency or how they arrived at that amount. Just this week I emailed the credit union mgr and told him to send me a copy of my contract. All he mailed me was the front page of the original truth in lending disclore & note & security agreement. How should I proceed?
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    Oh, and I've never paid anything. I have the balance because it's on my CR AND the c.u. mgr restated in his email to me that was the amount due. I also asked him to take my offer of $250 to the board of directors/committee to see if they would accept that as settlement and he emailed me back saying no. I asked for it to be done in writing but he replied via email.
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    Try this thread. There is tons of information and great links, thanks to Why Chat and edoggie.

    Why Chat...repo question, originated by kingfish.

    I will try to get the link.
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    You have a right to know and see the documentation regarding the diposition of the car. When it was sold; for how much; fees; credits, etc. Demand it.

    What they might do is sue first to get your attention and to put you on on the defensive. But they still will ultimately have to prove the deficiency.
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    Disputing a repo fr 6 yrs

    I have a feeling the CU illegally put judgment on me (unsecured loan) and made me pay off the debt.
    They can't do that the court has to issue judgments.
    THE END ** *** ** LB 59

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