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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Saar, Dec 21, 2000.

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    At first I thought TransUnion was the bottom of the barrel. Now I'm positive.

    A few weeks ago I reported here that disputing credit limits w/ Experian WORKS. My tradelines were corrected to reflect the true credit limits.

    TransUnion, however, is a different story. Even though I've attached a credit card statement upon their request, they have REMOVED the entire tradeline. When I called today to inquire why, the dumb rep said: "That's our normal procedure. If the creditor doesn't respond to our investigation, we delete the tradeline".

    Of course, if an account is still open, removing the entry won't mean much, since it would be re-inserted the next time the creditor reports to the bureaus. But since that particular account has already been closed, I've called the creditor (Cap 1) and spoke w/ a supervisor. She promised to manually re-insert the tradeline to my TransUnion report. She also said that in terms of data maintenance, TransUnion is the worst bureau, and tradelines on their reports sometimes disappear for no reason at all.


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    I wish my bad accounts would disappear! They somehow have managed to keep very good track of them!
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    Negative info seems to be more profiatble for them, so they are probably more careful to not lose it.
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    I actually _did_ have some negative info "magically disappear" on the last round of reports that I received. I like to think of it as divine intervention, LOL!

    <knocks wood> ;-)

    Happy Holidays,

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