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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by CR, Dec 4, 2000.

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    Hi all,

    I have learned so much from you all in the past two months or so I have been reading and posting. I have decided to follow in a lot of your footsteps and clean up my credit reports.

    I have a paid collection and paid chargeoff I think I will try to have removed. I also have many, many inquiries I would like to have removed (one of the most recent denials I got was too many inquires). I do however have some questions before I begin this process.

    1. Should I begin with the inquires or the paid stuff? Or can I/should I do both at the same time? I read somewhere that you shouldn't bombard the credit bureaus with too many things at once. I have a quite a few inquiries on my reports that I am unfamiliar with and feel should be removed.

    2. Do I contact both the creditor and the credit bureau? Or do I just contact the credit bureau? (I have read info on this on different sites and have seen different answers.)

    3. I have some unpaid items on my reports as well. I am willing to repay them on the condition that the collection is removed. Anybody have any success with this? If so, did you negotiate with and pay the creditor or the collection agency?

    I appreciate all the help, advice and the time you guys take out of your lives to help those of us who are trying to get where a lot of you are. Thanks.
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    RE: Disputing info on reports

    Hi Cr

    1. from my experience inquires are very hard to remove, Equifax WILL NOT let you dispute with them you must contact creditor, not sure about Experian or TU I never tried with them. I had 9 inquires from FirstUsa, they are incorrect of course who in their right mind would apply 9 times!!! I have written them twice no reply, also Citibank had back to back inquires, I wrote them nothing. the only bank that responded was Providian but since I didn't send the report in question they didn't respond to my request.

    Paid colletion and Paid charge off, how old are they some people have had success with disputing paid items, sometimes they won't verify b/c it is paid, sometimes they do it's worth a shot.

    Now for the unpaid ones, you can offer to pay them for deletion, some have had success i haven't but that's the breaks. I have a draft letter that deals with this if you want email I will send it, Kristi's drafted it so you know it's good:) I really think this also depends on the amount, if it's rather high they may agree for deletion, never hurts to try.

    Some have tried numerous disputes all at one time. I usually address 3 items tops, but that's just me.

    I would try disputing the paid ones first and see where you get.

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    RE: Disputing info on reports

    If you are willing to pay some accounts as long as they are deleted make sure you get a paper from the creditor by an individual with authority stating the item will be deleted once the account is paid off. If it's from a credit card request it be marked "paid in full" with "account closed at the request of individual". This will be better since it will show you paid and left in good standing. I don't have a sample letter. good luck arteagle

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