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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by SM, Jun 14, 2000.

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    First of all, do inquiries bring your credit score down substantially?

    I got my credit reports (after applying for a mortgage, the company gave me the merged file). I was upset to compare what they had to my own copies that I had received directly from the credit bureau. Inquiries that "are not shown to creditors" according to my credit report from the bureaus WERE on my merged report. So that is a lie in itself on the part of the bureaus.

    So, how do I dispute these erroneous inquiries that I did not initiate? A lot of them are pre-marketing credit checks for credit, insurance, etc. A lot are current creditors checking up on credit. How much do these hurt?

    There ought to be some way to punish the credit bureaus for doing this. They tell us consumers that certain inquiries only show-up on the consumer copy, but I have caught them in the act of showing them to a potential creditor.
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    Cards and credit that you do not apply for should not report on your credit history. Cards that you do apply for and are denied do stay on your history. That sucks. so be careful. There are times that credit handed to you without your appling do show on your report but are not avalible to creditors. Meaning that some azz sent you a 100,00 dollar credit limit without your appling for it. It will show on your report that he sent you this but when a creditor checks your report it will not show to him because you did not actually appy for it. check your credit report documentation. it will explain to you how credit is viewed by you and otheres. Good luck to ya.

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